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Megadeth A Tout le Monde Bundle includes a black zip-up hoodie features the Megadeth A Tout le Monde logo on the front and A Tout le Monde beer label art on the back, and a 12 oz footed beer glass featuring A Tout le Monde label. Get this bundle and more at Find À Tout le Monde beer near you:
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On this day in 1997, Cryptic Writings was released. Today is the 20th anniversary! Download/stream it here:
Um feliz aniversário para esse nosso guitarrista extraordinário!
This photo was taken in 1986 in the basement of David Ellefson's parents farm house in Jackson, Minnesota. Dave Mustaine and David stopped in to Jackson just after recording the Peace Sells album in L.A.; they were on their way to NYC to meet their soon-to-be manager, Keith Rawls and to be courted by Michael Alago of Elektra Records. In the photo from left to right: Brad Schmidt...
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On this day in 1985, Megadeth's first album, Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good! was released. The debut was, undoubtedly, Megadeth's rawest-sounding, most intense, fastest, angriest, and overall thrashiest album the band ever released. Download it on iTunes or get the album at Amazon.
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VIP Meet & Greet Upgrade Packages are available for our 2017 North American and European tours! Go to, select your city, pick your VIP package. See you soon on the Killing Road!
David Ellefson was recently interviewed by the "Music Mania" podcast. Ellefson: "I'll tell you, onstage, there's no one I'd rather be onstage with than Dave [Mustaine], because that guy totally has control of the venue and he's got control of the audience, he's got control... Dave is fearless on stage and he's at home on stage; that's really where you see the essence of him and you just...
A must-have for any true Megadeth fan! This guitar features a solid Mahogany body and neck, Rosewood fingerboard, Seymour Duncan pickups, tune-o-matic bridge, Grover tuners, black hardware, with a bold, custom Vic Rattlehead graphic. Check it out at
Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Peace Sells.... But Who's Buying?, this limited edition platinum album comes customized with your name. The beautiful 16' x 20' collectible is limited to 250 pieces and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. See this and more at
Dave Mustaine & Jerry Vietz. Two passionate pioneers with a common love for beer and music. Dave talks about Jerry, Unibroue and Megadeth's beer in the video below. Find À Tout le Monde near you:
KnuckleBonz, the creator of the Rock Iconz music collectible series, has created two limited edition Megadeth statues. The Dave Mustaine Rock Iconz statue is created with his "Angel Of Deth" guitar. It's a timeless image of Dave in a signature military top and the black and yellow radiation logo. The second design brings the "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?" album cover art to life. The...