Megadeth Digital Legendary Collection

Megadeth Digital Legendary Collection

Within the Megadeth Digital collection comes 13 unique Rattleheads. These 13 Rattleheads have been labeled "legendary" not only due to their one of a kind looks, but the benefits that come with them. These legendary Rattleheads all come with a Kramer Flying V guitar signed by Dave Mustaine himself. 11 out of these 13 custom guitars are custom painted "Digital green".

Within these 13 legendary Rattleheads, 2 holy grails standout. These holy grails are known as "V-800" and "Vic Warlock". Each comes with its own set of distinguishable benefits. The holder of "V-800" will receive a one of a kind signed Kramer Flying V custom painted in silver chrome, while the holder of "Vic Warlock" will receive a signed one of a kind Kramer Flying V painted in gold chrome. The holders of these "holy grails" will also receive a 15 minute virtual guitar lesson from Dave as well as a special backstage viewing area for one show of their choosing.

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