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Arsenal Of Megadeth [DVD]

Arsenal Of Megadeth [DVD]

Release Year: 2006

Over 20 years since Dave Mustaine first forged an unrelenting trail in thrash-metal, Megadeth soldiers on with hit records, worldwide tours, and now their first-ever career-spanning DVD collection. "Arsenal Of Megadeth" compiles over 2.5 hours of stunning footage on two-discs to rattle your @#*%! head! For the Megafan, this DVD is a must. You want videoclips? You got 'em, 20 of them.. from every single album. The alternate edit for Symphony of Destruction's Gristle Mix.. you got it! Rock the Vote clips form the early 90s... check! Live appearances on MTV's most wanted, AND Headbangers Ball, check! Footage from the infamous "Clash Of The Titans" tour. Check! Something Megadeth fans have been waiting for, the ultimate DVD!
Track Listing:
Disc I
1. Peace Sells... [excerpt From Talk Radio]
2. Peace Sells [video]
3. 1986 compiled interview excerpts
4. Wake Up Dead [video]
5. Penelope Spheeris intro "Cutting Edge Happy Hour" interview
6. In My Darkest Hour [video]
7. So Far, So Good... compiled interview excerpts
8. Anarchy In The U.K. [video] [no sound effects version]
9. No More Mr. Nice Guy [video]
10. Marty Friedman audition
11. Rust In Peace [TV spot]
12. 1990 compiled tour footage excerpts
13. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due [video] [MTV version]
14. Headbanger's Ball 1991 compiled excerpts
15. Hangar 18 [video] [long unedited version]
16. Go To Hell [video] [guitar version]
17. Countdown To Extinction [TV spot]
18. Rock The Vote [3 promo clips]
19. Symphony Of Destruction [video]
20. Symphony Of Destruction [video] [Edited Gristle version]
21. Skin O' My Teeth [video] [new edit]
22. High Speed Dirt [video]
23. Foreclosure Of A Dream [video]
24. A Day In The Life Of Hollywood 1992
25. Sweating Bullets [video]
Disc II
1. Excerpts From The "Evolver" home video
2. Train Of Consequences [video]
3. Making Of 'Train Of Consequences'
4. Youthanasia [TV spot]
5. 1994 interview
6. Night Of The Living Megadeth - Halloween 1994 interview
7. MTV Most Wanted 1995
8. 1994 interview excerpt (Dave On "A Tout Le Monde")
9. A Tout Le Monde [video]
10. 1994 interview excerpt (Dave/Nick On shows & touring)
11. Reckoning Day [video]
12. Cryptic Writings [TV spot]
13. Trust [video]
14. Trust [video rushes]
15. Cryptic TV
16. Almost Honest [video]
17. A Secret Place [video] [no bouncing balls version]
18. Argentina, 1998 backstage/interview/live shots
19. The Drew Carey Show 1998 with Mustaine
20. Risk teaser
21. Insomnia [video]
22. Sweating Bullets [Live At Gigantour, 2005]
23. Peace Sells [Live At Gigantour, 2005]
24. Youthanasia album cover photo session
Technical Details:

    • Format: Color, DVD-Video, NTSC
    • Language: English
    • Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only)
    • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
    • Number of discs: 2
    • Rating: Not Rated
    • Distributed By: Capitol
    • DVD Release Date: March 21, 2006
    • Run Time: 150 minutes
    • Catalog Number: 09463-30929-9-0

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