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Megadeth Cyber Army

Cyber Army 2023 Challenge Coin

Cyber Army 2023 Challenge Coin

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The thirteenth Megadeth Cyber Army Challenge Coin of the series! 

This high quality custom coin is offered exclusively to Cyber Army members in the club store.

Coin is polished black nickel metal with sandblasted black nickel recess.

Comes with an individual vinyl coin pouch.

Thickness: 3mm. Size: 1.75". Weight 38 grams. 

History of Challenge Coins Challenge Coins surfaced during the World War I & II era. The practice of carrying a coin designed specifically for a unit was popular with the Army Special Forces. Carrying the coin at all times and presenting it when "challenged" to prove affiliation with that unit resulted in a number of consequences for those who could not produce a coin - the most popular required the coinless soldier to buy a round of drinks. That practice continues to be popular today.

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