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Hey Man -Love the fact that there is a online Q&A. I just saw Megadeth in Boston recently and I thought the band sounded amazing. Dave is the real deal and I think his line up is fantastic for the "System has Failed" tour. I pretty much devour interviews with Mustaine or anything from my other favorite band, "AC/DC". During the course of my scavenging through interviews, I came across fairly recent material where Dave says that the only rock star he hasn't met that he really wants to meet is Angus Young.

I also saw that even more recently Megadeth supported AC/DC during some 2002 tour dates and I wanted to ask if that was accurate. Has Dave met Angus and if so is there any interview material or anything of substance related to it that I could get a hold of? I appreciate any info. Rock on!

Big ass Droogie Rattlehead -
Mel Bandle


Semi-accurate mate. Buggered up on the year a bit...but you were otherwise spot on. Megadeth supported AC/DC on their Stiff Upper Lip tour at a couple of festivals in Berlin and Hannover Germany in June of 2001. That is where and when Dave and Angus met. I don't have any interviews regarding it, but I CAN provide you with a photo of them at the gig, in addition to a pic of Dave & Malcom just for the sodding hell of it. Cheers!

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