Columbus, OH

Dystopia World Tour





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3 Comment
  • drelk5546

    This was my first show
    My 19th birthday, probably the best birthday yet =D

    04.17.17 - 6:45 PM  
  • wearenotfree

    My girlfriend and I met them. This was the second time that I've met them. MY 16TH MEGADETH SHOW. Megadeth has the best shows always! I was on stage for there first 3 songs. That in itself was a dream come true. UNBELEIVABLE!!!! In the videos, from the fans perspective, I'm on the right side of the stage, closest to the fans. Uploading file...

    04.17.17 - 6:45 PM  
  • gsizemore19

    Did the meet and greet, was awesome meeting the band. My 25th Megadeth show in the books, just incredible!!!

    04.17.17 - 6:45 PM