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  • Scorpion,

    I love the song Tears In A Vial and was wondering what specifically Dave was talking about in the lyrics. I'm interested in knowing what he loved and gave up for something he loved even more.


    Hi Chris, Dave is talking about giving up playing music to be with his family.

    "This was one of the first ones I wrote after I broke up Megadeth. For a man to walk away from a multi-million dollar franchise just because he is not happy- he's got to be very unhappy. One of the lines is 'Forced to look deep in the mirror and face who I really am/now it's just me because I can't afford you.' that tells you some truths."

  • Scorpion,
    I found a link on youtube (Sorry), but it says Megadeth, Bodies left behind. The majority of posters say it was a bonus track on UA,is this true? I will include the link incase you want to hear it. :-) ..............Thank you,

    Sorry Chris, but the song in the link you provided is not Bodies Left Behind. It is actually a tribute to Megadeth made by one of our forum members. Bodies Left Behind, which was to be a bonus track on United Abominations, remains unreleased.

  • Dear Mr. Scorpion,

    i have always wondered which MEGADETH songs Kerry King played in his short stint with megadeth...
    was it songs like rattlehead and killing is my buisiness.
    please enlighten me on this very mysterious subject...



    Hi Richie, this was the main setlist (in order) from the shows Kerry first played in Megadeth:

    Hook in Mouth (Instrumental)
    Burnt Offerings (Set the World Afire)
    The Chosen Ones
    Skull Beneath the Skin
    Looking Down the Cross
    Last Rites/Loved to Deth
    Next Victim (My Last Words)
    Quicksand (Instrumental)
    Bad Omen
    Devil's Island

    Later on, The Conjuring (originally Conjure Me) and Good Mourning/Black Friday were added.

  • scorpion,
    I have a 2 part question for all the band members
    what is your fav megadeth song to play,and why?
    and 2,what songs would you love to play live but never get to, due to album release fan demand and such
    barry yeager

    Barry, I took your question to bassist James LoMenzo. James replied to both parts...

    1. I like "Darkest hour", It's big sounding and I like the emotional content of the song. There's always an amazing cheer from the crowd when we hit those first chords.

    2. Hi barry, great question. I'd love to play "Play for Blood" and "United Abominations" from the last album. You know we're always dealing with set time constraints, makes it hard to squeeze everything we'd like to in know you gotta play the hits!

  • dearest scorpion,
    I have a 2 part question for all the band members
    what is your fav megadeth song to play,and why?
    and 2,what songs would you love to play live but never get to, due to album release fan demand and such
    barry yeager

    Hi Barry, Scorpion took your questions to Megadeth's new lead guitarist, Chris Broderick. Chris had this to say...

    What is your fav megadeth song to play,and why? Right now it's Hangar 18 because first and formost it's a great tune, but also because of the dueling solo's that Dave and I have.

    and 2,what songs would you love to play live but never get to ,due to album release fan demand and such. For me I would have to say, Five Magics and Train of Consequences (both are awesome tunes).

    Take care, Chris.

  • dearest scorpion,
    I have a 2 part question for all the band members
    what is your fav megadeth song to play,and why?
    and 2,what songs would you love to play live but never get to, due to album release fan demand and such
    barry yeager

    p.s thanks so much for all the updates on your ongoing construction of the new studio,
    the fans appriciate it and I know I do as well , and I know it will give you more comfort and creative control in making the very best albums possible.
    Congrats Dave on everything Megadeth, NWCB, INC, and all your other ventures..your generosity and kindness knows no bounds...

    Hi Barry, Scorpion took your questions to Megadeth's drummer extrodinaire, Shawn Drover. Shawn was good enough to give us an answer...

    1. My favorite Megadeth song to play live is "Wake up Dead" as it was the 1st video I saw of Megadeth back in 1986, and has been my favorite Megadeth song ever since.

    2. The song I would love to play live but have not yet is "The Conjuring", I just think it is a fantastic song all around - Nice and violent, just the way I like it.


  • Scorpion,

    yes ive always wondered why dave never used whammy bars. Or if he used why did he decided to stop using them

    I put this question over to Dave Mustaine himself. He set the record straight on this one!

    "I did use it, I used it in Wake Up Dead, I used it in very small increments in A Reckoning Day and stuff like that. I'm not a guy who is a cry baby that hides his inability to play behind a whammy bar."

  • Can you tell me why the song Gears of War was not in the game? I looked forward more to the song than the game, although the game was great, my friends, and i were disappointed that the song wasn't in the game. Thanks............Rattled2deth

    Hi Rattled2deth, good question! I put this over to Mr Mustaine as this is what he had to say about it...

    "Because the game was finished before we wrote the song. I'm sorry Rattled2deth, we were disappointed we weren't on it too. We were even more disappointed when Gears of War 2 came out. I thought it would have been great to have continued the relationship with those guys, but you know what? It's Microsoft, and it's Gears of War, and they've got their own success. They don't need little old me."

  • I was wondering what amp or pre and power amp Dave used on The System Has Failed. I was told it was a boosted Marshall Plexi? Is this true? I really love his tone, especially on this album.


    Hi Dave, the tone on that album certainly does rock. But really, doesn't Dave's tone rock on all his albums?! ;) Dave has always used great equipment and Marshall has always been a leading force but on this album Dave had an amp custom made for him from another company. Dave had this to say when I asked him.

    "No, I used a Line 6 custom amp that was made for me. But I am selling them. You can't get them, but I am selling them, I should say."

    Since then, Dave has gone back to using Marshall power and we can surely look forward to an even greater tone coming from the next album! Stay tuned!

  • Dave's influence has been huge from the beginning on inventing and defining metal, but today its split up into many more sub genres. One thing that most will aggree that has made Megadeth so respected, is that after 20+ years you have yet to change your sound. Are there (m)any bands that are big today that you like, that you've played with on tour, would like to play with, or just are enjoying their brand of music? Whats your opinion on bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for my Valentine, or Slipknot for example?
    Thanks, Megadeth Forever!!


    Hi Codo! Scorpion asked Dave's opinion on the bands you brought up and here is what he had to say...

    "I love AC/DC, I love Iron Maiden. There's a lot of bands I'd love to play with. Especially Led Zeppelin if they do a reunion with Jason playing in John's stead.

    I like Avenged, I'm not too familiar with Bullet for my Valentine."

  • Dear Scorp,

    Hey I'm a huge Megadeth fan and eat up any and all info I can on the band and Dave inparticular. And I was wondering what Dave's political stance was and does he consider himself to be a liberal or does he have more conservative politcal views. There are many Megadeth songs that contain political themes and for the life of me I can't understand most of them, also are the themes in these songs an acurate representation of Dave's true political beliefs or do they just simply make for great songs.

    Hope that makes sense

    #1 Droogie

    Hi Charlie! That is a good question and I went right to the source to find out your answer. This is what Dave Mustaine had to say when I asked him.

    "Ah, I would say I'm kind of right in the middle.
    Welcome to the club. :)
    So the answer to that question is that my political stance varies from political campaign to election to lobbying to all the different parts of involvement in the political process. I usually vote for the lesser of two evil."

  • Hi, I was wondering if there is any sort of connection between the covers of Peace Sells and United Abominations because they both have the UN destroyed or being destroyed. Is UA alluding the Peace Sells or is there no real connection?

    - Nick

    Hi Nick, I talked with Dave Mustaine about this just last night and this is what he had to say:

    "There is certainly a connection. It's kind of link the beginning of Star Wars and the end of Star Wars. But that the way we were introduced into the story in the middle and then the sequel is actually the prequel. So, this is actually Vic going into the United Nations before he came out in Peace Sells. And there you have it."

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  • I noticed a guitar duel with Dave Mustaine & Al Patrelli on the Rude Awakening DVD during SHE WOLF. The only other time that I've heard those solos were background music on VH1's "Behind the Music" with MEGADETH. My question is, was there ever a studio recording of that "Solo Medley" or is it just some rare music thats never really been released formally?

    Christian Jimenez
    Chowchilla, CA

    The extended solo of She-Wolf was added in during the Cryptic Writings tour, long after the album came out. It was never released as a studio recording, only as a live version on the Rude Awakening CD/DVD.

  • What are all these rumors i've been hearing about megadeths new album... is it true there might be a released album next year? Thanks for reading, regards, Zach

    Hi Zach, Megadeth's webmaster Dave McRobb posted this statement just last week on the Megadeth Forums:

    "So.... I was talking to my beloved master [Dave Mustaine] tonight on the phone and he wanted me to let you all know that things are moving along oh so well with the brand new studio! The project is in its initial phases... large warehouse type deal... slowly converting into part deluxe recording studio... pre-production... start recording new album in fall! Reminiscent of 'Evolver', wouldn't you say?! In fact we (yes, master Dave M and I) talked about filming aspects of the process and who knows, eh? Sure do love them 'fly-on-the-wall' recording DVD's don't we all?! (heh, no promises yet on that one but it was definitely talked about!). So ya, Dave is quite psyched about this studio and getting the band in, and everyone else involved to lay down some tracks and put out the next stellar Megadeth album! Ahh yes, life is good."

    Megadeth's latest album, "United Abominations", was released in May 2007 via Roadrunner Records. The CD has sold around 160,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

  • Dear Scorpion,

    I was wondering what is what we can hear in the begining of symphony of destruction and where can i get a sample of it.

    Rodrigo Contreras
    Santiago, Chile

    In the first five seconds of Symphony of Destruction, the sound we hear is an orchestra tuning their instruments, which is done before the beginning of a symphony performance. You can hear the same sound before an opera or symphony concert. After the concertmaster (leader of the violin section) comes onstage and takes a bow, he will turn to the orchestra, signaling them to begin tuning. Directly after tuning the conductor will begin the music.

  • Dear Scorpion,

    I was wondering where the term "Droogies" came from? I know it refers to Megadeth fans but would just like to know its origins.

    Ryan Hicks
    Glasgow, Scotland

    As you know Ryan, Dave Mustaine uses the term "Droogies" when he is referring to Megafans. When asked why he uses this term and where it originated from, Dave stated "It is from A Clockwork Orange, and the reference is about how they were their own little gang." Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange is a film from 1971. According to Kubrick, "The central idea of the film has to do with the question of free will. Do we lose our humanity if we are deprived of the choice between good and evil? Do we become, as the title suggests, A Clockwork Orange?".

    The movie was based on the novel, A Clockwork Orange, written by Anthony Burgess in 1962. The Russian author wrote the novel in what he called the "nadsat" (teenage) vocabulary of the future, hence the language of this novel being Russian in origin and often very difficult to decifer. In the novel the author uses the term droog to refer to a friend (ie: my droogies) so when Dave addresses you as a Droogie, he is referring to you as a friend.




    Dave formed Fallen Angels in April of 1983, directly following his time in Metallica. The original members were vocalist Lor Caine, rhythm guitarist Robby McKinney and bassist Matt Kisselstein. Dave had no drummer at the time, and the band never played live. While in Fallen Angels, Dave wrote his first songs, “Devil’s Island” and “Megadeath”, which later appeared as “Set The World Afire". In June of '83 Dave met David ‘Junior’ Ellefson and Greg Handevidt at his West Hollywood apartment (the infamous story told in the Megadeth: Behind The Music DVD). Both joined the band, replacing Robby and Matt. Soon Lor Caine was out, Dave took over vocal duties and the band's name was changed to Megadeth.

  • Scorpion

    What was the purpose of the Still Alive...and Well? release? If it was to fulfill contractual obligations to Sanctuary, why did Dave/Sanctuary choose to do more or less a reissue of TWNAH instead of some other not so repetitive compilation? Thanks!


    I asked Dave Mustaine your question Kirk, and here is a summary of his answer. "It was essentially a way to help Sanctuary recover some of their loses after it was announced that Megadeth had disbanded. It wasn't so much to fulfill a contractual obligation, as it was more of an offer to repay Sanctuary for what they laid out and/or spent believing in the band. Remember that they are in the business of selling records, I merely make them."

    Also, he reasoned that some people were unable to afford Rude Awakening, and Sanctuary has had some experience and success with selling half an original live they released Still Alive...And Well? hoping that all audiences would be able to afford and enjoy it. He went on candidly saying "This was not my idea, but because it looked like an opportunity to 1) give some of the younger fans that don't have much money a chance to buy the songs (or those low on funds in general), and 2) to help repay Sanctuary for their loyalty to me and Megadeth, we went ahead with the release." Well, that all makes sense to me...hope it answered your question Kirk!

  • Hey Scor! Can you tell me what Dave did with his Jackson King V DM010 "Number One"? Did he sell it? Dose he still have it? Or what dude?

    Dave still has his number one. Here is part of an update posted on the Megadeth forums in 2005, before his Jackson guitars were put up for sale at the Megadeth eBay store: "I am finally listing my Jacksons that I have been saving, but I am keeping my number 1. I will never sell that one."

  • Hi, I am 28 yrs old and Megadeth is my favorite band of all time. They define kick ass music and without them music is nothing. I heard that their last album, united abominations, could be Dave's last album, is this true? Please let me and every other fan know if Dave plans on making any more new Megadeth albums. They are the only band I constantly buy the cd's for because they are the greatest and will always be the greatest. No other band will ever come close to the music Dave can produce. To me it is art. I listen to Megadeth any chance I get and try to encourage others to listen to them. Thank you for your time

    Megadeth fan for life,

    According to Dave Mustaine, there will be another Megadeth album to come. Check out an excerpt from his latest post on the Megadeth forums, after wrapping up the United Abominations tour: "I can't wait to get back home and get to work on TheLiveLine with my partners, as well as start the building of our new studio. Hell, we need our own place to jam in when we start to reconvene and demo songs for the next record after the summer."

  • Hello Mr. ScorpioN,
    I would like to know about Dave's relationship with Slayer. Did he really audition Kerry King for guitar? Thank you Mr. ScorpioN.

    Technically Kerry King was not auditioned, he was asked to leave Slayer and join Megadeth. He ended up filling in for Megadeth's first shows in February 1984 to April of 1984.

    Here is an interview with Kerry from Decibel magazine in 2006:

    "I did it because I admired Mustaine — I'd seen him play with Metallica. He'd be up there drunk off his ass, just ripping, not even looking at his fingers. Me and Jeff didn't know how to do that yet. [laughs] When he got kicked out and was sniffing around for a guitarist, I figured I'd do it because I thought I could learn something. The other guys in Slayer were probably unhappy, but we weren't really known back then, and the way I looked at it was that if people saw me playing in Dave's band, it'd be more publicity for Slayer. Now you look back and you think 'supergroup,' but back then, absolutely not. I played their first five shows, and then I was like, 'Man, this is taking too much of my time.' I can't speak for Dave, but I don't think he would've been unhappy if I stuck around."

    As for Dave's relationship with Slayer, there is a long history of slagging in the press, mainly involving Kerry. Here is the last in-depth comment Dave made regarding Slayer, from 2005:

    "I don't even expect to see things worked out with Kerry. If I'm willing to sit down and say, 'Hey what's going on, why are you upset?' and he's still going to call me a dick and a prick and all this stuff... it's like, 'Dude, if you want to fight, you know where I live!' I mean, if you are just trying to make yourself look cool, that's understandable... you are cool, so why would you do this? If you really want to take a shot at me then get within range, don't do it through the press because you just make yourself look stupid. I like Slayer, I really don't know what the problem is?"

  • Can you tell me why the song Gears of War was not in the game? I looked forward more to the song than the game, although the game was great, my friends, and i were disappointed that the song wasn't in the game.


    The game Gears of War already had it's music chosen before the song Gears of War was finished. Here's Dave explaining it in 2006, from Xbox's Major Nelson podcast:

    "The song Gears of War was being written when we first heard about Gears of War and Xbox partnering with us on Gigantour last year, and I was so flattered and impressed that I had gone over and and taken the title off of the song and changed the title of the song to Gears of War. (I) said, you know what, give them the song, and they said it's too late, the music's already done for the video game, and I said well, it doesn't matter, just tell them that I dedicate this song to them and (am) gonna name it Gears of War, and Jennifer heard it and flipped out over it, and the rest is just a match made in heaven."




    There are a few Megadeth tribute albums floating around out there, most notably 1999's Megaded: A Tribute to Megadeth, which featured death metal covers. It was re-released in 2007 as This Is the News.

    In 2005, Europe and Argentina saw the release of Hangar Of Souls/Hangar De Almas, an album of Argentinean and European bands paying tribute, most notably Paul Di'Anno, former lead singer of Iron Maiden.

    The latest tribute to be released is by 'Metal Allstars', who offer a different take on some Megadeth classics.

  • ScorpioN,

    I was wondering about the Hangar 18 video. What is that footage from? A sci fi movie? I have tried to find it but have probably looked in the wrong places. The only other answer I can come up with is that its film created by Megadeth specifically for that video.

    You are right, the footage was created by Megadeth and director Paul Boyington. You can hear comments from both Daves about the making of Hangar 18 on the Rusted Pieces home video, which I will translate here:

    Mustaine: The making of Hangar 18 was really elaborate, as far as the people that were involved. There's a lot of creatures, a lot of makeup, a lot of special effects, miniaturization..

    In this video, the creatures that were used, they were quite numerous. There was all kinds of variations from just normal makeup to prosthetic makeup, where they put plastic on you, and they had all different kinds of helmets and masks that they were wearing.

    Ellefson: Director Paul Boyington's specialty is building miniature sets, in fact he's done it for some commercials, and for special effects in movies, building entire cities in miniature, like 2-3 feet high miniatures and then having a robotic arm with a camera on the end swooping through the city, and you're going to see a lot of that kind of effect in the Hangar 18 video here, in fact there's a segment right in the very beginning where there's some cattle mutilation, there's dead cattle, there's a comet superimposed coming through in the background...

    We shot for two days to actually get the band shots, at a power plant, which supplies about one third of the power to all of Los Angeles, down by the beach...Richard Schnell, who actually created the characters and did all the makeup for the aliens, had us painted white, and then put kind of like a water-based white makeup all over us, and we had to wear these contact lenses. I personally had never worn contact lenses before and I hate the things. Anyway we were put in the four cryogenic chambers in the end and (they) were put onto a cart which was towed by a couple of people down this track, it's at the very end of the video...eyes were killing us, freezing cold...the fun of making videos.

  • Hey Scorpion !

    Megadeth is my favorite band since I was just 3 years old, thanks to my dad a great metalhead, I'm 14 now and I'm still trying to know what's "MD.45"
    I searched in some places one the internet, but they have different informations ! So I asked my dad what's "MD.45", he said that it was a solo band of Dave Mustaine. Can you explain me what was that ??

    Thanks and congratz for the great work that you have done so far !

    Gonçalo Marques, Portugal.

    MD.45 was indeed a solo/side project for Dave. The album "The Craving" was released in 1996, and features Dave on guitar, Lee Ving of Fear on vocals, Kelly Lemieux of Goldfinger on bass, and future Megadeth drummer Jimmy DeGrasso. The name was a play on Dave and Lee's initials, 'MD' (Mustaine Dave) and 45, the translation of Roman numerals 'VL' or 'XVL' (Ving Lee). In 2004, "The Craving" was included in the Capitol Records remasters of Megadeth's back catalog, released with three bonus songs and Dave's re-recorded vocal tracks. The remastered version of the album is still in print and available online at

  • Scorpion,

    I found an old song that Megadeth, Judas Priest and Metallica all sang together called Buried Alive. I have had this song for a couple of years. I wanted to know more information about this one song that I have. I don't know what year the song was maid. I guess it was just a one time thing. I cannot find this song from any ones albums.

    Thanks Charles

    The songs "Buried Alive" that were falsely renamed as being by Metallica/Megadeth on p2p networks are by Shadow Drop, from their 2005 album "Arbitrary" and Merciful Fate, from their 1999 album "9".

  • Hi Scorpion,

    I heard some where that dimebag darrell was asked to be a part of megadeth

    Is that true?

    Yes. This was a little-known fact up until Dimebag's untimely passing, where Dave made mention of it in the media. Here is the most recent transcript of him discussing it, taken from Headbanger's Ball in 2004.

    I had called up Darrell...and I said "Darrell I'd like you to play guitar for me", and he said "Sure man, but I need to bring my brother", and I said "What does your brother do?" I thought he was a guitar tech or something, and he said "No, he plays the drums", and I said "Well, I just hired Nick Menza". And he said basically that he wasn't going to be able to do it unless his brother came along. It was a missed opportunity for me I believe.

  • Hi Scorpion!

    What songs from official albums have megadeth never played live?

    Stay metal!

    Petter Pettersen Norway

    Here is the list of phantom live songs, taken from the standard official albums, in order by year of release. All of Killing Is My Business, Peace Sells and So Far So Good So What have been performed live, so we begin with the Rust In Peace album.

    Five Magics
    Poison Was the Cure
    Rust in Peace...Polaris
    Architecture of Aggression
    Captive Honor
    Addicted to Chaos
    I Thought I Knew It All
    Black Curtains
    Blood of Heroes
    Elysian Fields
    No More Mr. Nice Guy
    Have Cool, Will Travel
    The Doctor Is Calling
    Time: The End
    Recipe For Hate
    Losing My Senses
    Silent Scorn
    Tears In A Vial
    I Know Jack
    Truth Be Told
    Shadow Of Deth
    My Kingdom Come
    United Abominations
    Blessed Are The Dead
    Play For Blood
    You're Dead

  • Where can I get accurate Killing Is My Business Tabs.

    Brian Stewart

    Unfortunately, tablature for the Killing Is My Business album has never been published in an official format. And as it can be mind-numbing to wander through the never ending homemade tab pages on the net, I will enlighten you to an impressive site that was created by a Droogie named abysslord from our very own forums. Enjoy.

  • Hi Scorpion!

    Dread and the Fugitive Mind and Sweating Bullets are two of my favorites Megadeth songs. But can you tell me: what do they talk about? Dread and the Fugitive Mind seems to talk about a thief, or something, but I can't reckognize any specific one. And sweating bullets doesn't make any sense to me. Can you tell me what do they mean? Thank you very much Mr. Fall ofMan!

    José Otaviano from Minas Gerais, Brazil

    Dave has addressed the subject matter of both songs in the media. In 2001, he talks about Dread and the Fugitive Mind:
    "It's about judgment. The great paradox is if there isn't a God and you live your life like a good person, you haven't lost anything. If there is a God and you lived your life like a dirtbag, you're screwed. Basically what I'm saying is, 'What if there's no judgment?' I think a lot of times people have gotten up on the moral hilltop and yelled down to the masses down at the bottom of the valley about their spiritual superiority and it just alienates you."

    In 1992, he explains Sweating Bullets:
    "I wrote that about myself. It was pointed out to me that I'm kind of schizophrenic and that I live inside my head. Which is something I don't subscribe to, but I enjoyed the theory nonetheless."
    "I think all of us are sweating bullets all the time. Society's a joke right now, and people are getting more and more hostile. When you think about having an evil twin or schizophrenia, I think a lot of us are schizo, because we live inside our heads. There's someone we all confer with; it's called our conscience. Some people cannot control their other side; it takes them over. Everybody has that psychotic side. Everyone has a thing that will make them snap."