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  • Ok, I'm a huge megafan, I got introduced into megadeth back when I was around 7 or 8, now being 17, I have covered a few megadeth songs (me taking up lead on my jackson randy rhodes model) and I just got the warchest and I realized the duke nukem theme song was on there, also being a huge gamer I played it constanly to doom, I was wondering if dave played(s) games when he has time still?

    1000 times thanks


    Hi Ace, I sent your question to Dave, and here's what he had to say about games:

    "I am not a gamer, but I do like to play a little bit. I guess you have to grow up with the controller to understand how to use all of the combos patterns. I once bought the game "the Punisher" 18 years ago, and I was so overwhelmingly out of control, and I knew it because I had never played and the next thing you know, all I could think about is how do you beat this game. I finally beat it, but it was after a long few days of neglecting my wife, and being really glaringly addicted to the game."

  • Hello,

    I would like to ask the band what is the meaning behind the song "The Hardest Part Of Letting Go... Sealed With A Kiss." I find this song to be incredibly interesting both instrumentally as well as lyrically. I think it seems to follow along the lines of "Promises", but the latter shows little or no frustration. Thanks!



    Hi Alex,

    I passed your question along to Dave, and he spoke about the inspiration behind the song and it's lyrical similarity to "Holy Wars...The Punishment Due." Dave explains:

    "This was a song that Pam asked me to write for her, but she isn't too happy about the lyrics of "SWAK". I told her that the second half was not about her, much like "HW…TPD" and the second half of the song being a different song that is connected with a segue. I told her that I had already written a few songs about her, but that since she doesn't like my band, she doesn't know which songs they are. I really love how this song turned out."

  • Hey there.

    I was on Marty Friedman's website a few years ago, and I remembered reading something about Dawn Patrol having a guitar track, which was removed before the album was released. After looking it up again, he describes it as "a heavy, dissonant guitar riff that was so strange [he] couldn't believe [Megadeth was] planning to record it." I just want to know, has this guitar riff been used in another Megadeth song that was released?



    Hi Aassem, I asked Dave about a guitar part for "Dawn Patrol," here's his reply:

    "I have no idea what you are talking about. There was never a guitar riff here. Junior wrote that bass riff, and there was no guitar part. Besides, I thought Megadeth music was so infantile and so predictable for Marty, I am surprised that he remembers anything."

  • I was listening to I know Jack when I got The System Has Failed.

    I was listening to it and I was amazed by the guitar riff. I expected Dave to start singing, but instead it ended...

    A ton of my friends (including the non-Megadeth fans) seemed to be disappointed. Is there a specific reason why it ended all of a sudden?

    And do you think you can ever reuse that riff for another song?


    This week's Scorpion is part one of three about Megadeth songs. Stay tuned for more questions about "Dawn Patrol" and "The Hardest Part Of Letting Go...Sealed With A Kiss."

    I passed your question along to Dave, here's what he had to say about "I Know Jack":

    "It ended because the song was over. I have no plans to regurgitate riffs under new names. I was already embarrassed enough when I was told that the record company was changing the title of A Tout Le Monde to Set Me Free, so no, there is no intention of re-recording that."

  • Hey i just wanted to know why dave stoped useing a double v gutair on the song trust. I was watching him play it on the woodstock show and it was amazeing thanks nick.


    Hi Nick,

    I think we all miss seeing the doubleneck guitar make it's appearance during Trust. I asked Dave about it, and fortunately he misses it too! Here's what he had to say:

    "The obvious answer is that it weighs a lot and hurts my shoulder to wear the guitar. I am currently working as hard as I can to strengthen my shoulders and back, and I hope to be able to wear any of my guitars without incident, let alone the mighty flying W."

  • Hi there Scorp,

    My name is Shawn, and I have always wondered ever since the first time I saw it, who is in jail in the No More Mr. Nice Guy video? To me it looks like David Ellefson, Nick Menza, and maybe even Jeff Young? I have heard that the song was only recorded with three members, so just wondering who else could be in the jail.



    Hi Shawn, thanks for the question. This one has been floating around unanswered in cyberspace for years now, so I asked Dave about it, and he cleared it up once and for all.

    The answer from Dave:
    "The Director asked our long-haired manager at the time, Ron Laffitte, to do it."

    You might remember Ron from his interview in the Behind The Music DVD, minus the long hair. No More Mr. Nice Guy director Penelope Spheeris is interviewed as well.

  • Hey, ScorpioN,

    I was just wondering. I saw in a very early interview, around the "So Far…" era that said Dave liked to listen to Mercyful Fate. I know that Dave recently became a born again Christian like myself, and I was wondering, because there is a heavy amount of Satanism in their lyrics, does he still listen to Mercyful Fate?



    Hi Drake,

    Dave replied to your question, "I really love the music of Mercyful Fate, I just don't like the lyrics." He also mentioned possibly adding them to the Megadeth Radio ( playlist. "I am trying really hard to get through all of the other great bands before having to review controversial bands. I will get around to it."

    You can request Mercyful Fate by emailing or calling (866) 686-1010. Dave has complete control over the music selection, and has been reviewing band's catalogs and adding new artists every week.

  • Dear Scorpion,

    I remember reading something awhile back about unreleased footage of
    the recording of Rust In Peace. If so what happened to it? hope you
    can answer me back. –Tyler


    Hey Tyler,

    I asked Dave about this, here is his response:

    "There was footage, but there is no indication of what it is and I am
    too busy trying to promote ENDGAME right now, so I will have to just
    add this to the list of stuff to do."

    So there you have it, Rust In Peace footage is on Dave's to-do list.

    Thanks for the question!

  • This week we have a double entry Scorpion. Enjoy!


    Hey Scorpion,

    What ever happened to Dave's BC Rich Bich?

    Dear scorpion,
    As a guitarist I´m intersted of course in guitars. Does Dave still ownes the BC Rich he played in Metallica?

    Best regards,
    Leon from Germany


    Unfortunately, the whereabouts of both guitars are currently unknown. I recently asked Dave about them and here is his reply:

    "Both of these guitars, as well as all of the B.C. Rich’s were sold or stolen by the heroin addicts in the band at the time. I was really disappointed in my Rich Bich getting stolen, but that was the flip side of having Poland and Gar in the band."

    The two guitars can be seen in the Gallery at, under the Killing Is My Business and Peace Sells eras. Also check out the Arsenal of Megadeth and Megadeth: Behind The Music DVD's for more footage of the Rich Bich.

  • Hello, I've recently started a vinyl record collection (of which, Peace Sells, Rust In Peace, Youthanasia, and United Abominations are a part of) and I just picked up Endgame (which is pretty killer, I add) and I was wondering if there are any plans for a vinyl release? Also, are there plans for more copies of Countdown to Extinction to be pressed, or is my only hope to keep scouring local record shops?


    Endgame is being released on vinyl in the UK and Europe in early November. You can pre-order the album now from Amazon Germany. Countdown To Extinction was last released in 2007 as a remastered double LP by Mobile Fidelity and is still available for purchase on

  • I would like to ask Dave what his relationship with Slash of Guns N Roses/Velvet Revolver is. cause I heard they were good friends and all. and Slash and Dave Being My favorite Guitarist in the world and My freaking Idols.
    I would like to know what Dave thinks of Slash


    Hi Curtis,
    Dave recently responded to a tweet by Slash "new Megadeth (album) sounds killer":

    "Slash and I have been friends for a really long time. I have played in concert with his band, and jammed with him in a cover band once.
    We use to hang and party, true, but I dug Slash the most for his amazing talent on guitar.
    I am honored he said that he likes it."

  • Hey there Scorpion,

    Just a quick question re. the guitar Dave played on Jimmy Fallon.
    I was looking for it on Dean's website and couldn't find it. Is this a specific model for Dave that won't be for sale, or what's the thing behind this new model?

    Renato from Portugal


    Hi Renato,

    Here's what Dave had to say about the guitar:

    "At the NAMM show that’s coming up at the beginning of next year they’re going to be debuting a brand-new Dean guitar for me. It’s called the Zero and I can’t really tell you much more than that other than it’s going to be a workhorse and the people who have seen it already over at Dean, they’ve been there for years and they’ve seen everything under the sun, that kinda stuff is exciting. Especially when it’s opening up another area of creativity with the company."

    A new photo of Dave playing the guitar is posted in the photo section of

  • hey, Scorp

    A while Back Dave Mustaine said he no longer wants to tour with satanic bands, and i thought that was SOOO Cool. The weird thing is that ive noticed hes been touring with slayer alot and correct me if im wrong but slayer IS satanic. So now I am confused

    Please help me

    Jeremy Simpson

    Hi Jeremy,

    Dave addressed touring with Slayer recently in a post on the Megadeth Forums:

    "...As I continue to walk out this life, and being a Christian, I have realized so much, and I have grown so much too. In the beginning, I was very cautious, and as I understand more, I am safely adding back into my life all the things that I set aside, because I just didn't know what to do about it.

    This is why I am spiritually at peace with being out with Slayer; this is why I have apologized to them and have not been getting baited by journalists that are bringing up, "he said, you said," crap. I also have forgiven them for anything that was or is being said, because I did say some hurtful things in the past.

    I have taken this same new attitude into everything I can with my life. I have learned so much over the last seven years that it is mind-boggling. And this is why, and the only reason why, I have changed my mind. My heart told me that I would be doing myself a favor and I would make a lot of people happier if I focused on the "love" part of my new life."

  • Hey I recently purchased a vintage Megadeth Tshirt from a guy online who assured me it was from 1993. At the bottom of the artwork on the front of the shirt it even says "93' Repka" which suggests the shirt was made in 1993 as promised and also designed by Ed Repka but on the back of the tshirt is something bizarre, it says the words "DR VIC IS IN" which makes no sense to me what so ever. I was wondering if you can find out if this is a fake tshirt, a mistake or generally tell me what it means.

    Here is some photos I uploaded of the tshirt:



    (My Friends keep saying it must be fake and it's making me feel abit uncomfortable because I really wanted a retro Megadeth tshirt)

    The "Dr. Vic Is In" t-shirt was sold back in 1993, while Ed Repka was still doing artwork for Megadeth. "Dr. Vic Is In" would be the title of the picture (a take on an old American medical symbol, the Caduceus), as all of Repka's old artwork for Megadeth had titles, e.g. "Peace Sells", "Oxidation Of The Nations", "Hangar 18", etc.

    Lately there have been bootleg reproductions of old Megadeth shirts sold online and in shops, so to tell if yours is official, check the tag for the Brockum merchandise label. Other clues would be size and coloring- many of the reproduction shirts have very contrasted colors, and the sizing is smaller. A size large shirt made in 1993 would be a lot bigger than a size large made in the last few years, since the style of t-shirts runs more fitted these days. Hope this helps!

  • Dear Scorpion, I've gotta simple question: will be any books about history of Megadeth and/or about Dave Mustaine? I would like to read it.

    Here is the latest from Dave on his autobiography, which is completed and set for release next year:

    "I finished approving my autobiography, and that was a labor of love. I got to the last page and I was so amazed as I was nearing the end, that by the time I got to the last page I started to have this amazing sense of completion. I felt like someone had finally gotten me into print, good and bad, with a sprinkling more of bad just for good measure. And by the time I got to the last two words of the book, I started to have an overwhelming wave of emotions; finally I feel like someone has looked into me; what makes me tick; why I am upset about the things that upset me; what makes me happy; why I have upsetting things in my life that I can't seem to shake; how I can continue to come back from the dead, etc., etc., etc..."

    Other recent books featuring Dave and Megadeth include Metallica: Club Dayz 1982-1984 by Bill Hale, who is currently working on a photo book documenting Megadeth's early years, titled Megadeth: Another Time, A Different Place. Dave is listed at number one in Joel McIver's The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists, and a revised issue of Metallica: The Stories Behind the Biggest Songs, was released this month.

  • Hey, just a quick question. I was wondering what the meaning was of the song "Lucretia." I know the story of the Roman girl Lucretia, but the lyrics of this song seem to be about a ghost or a haunted house of some kind. Any clarification? Thanks in advance!

    Here's a quick explanation from Dave in 1990:

    "It's about this guy who happens to be named Dave, and he just has problems, and his friends all think he's crazy and he goes to see this fortune teller. She talks about how he feels, where he's going, how he gets there, and the fact that she knew he was coming and she's been waiting for him for a long time."

  • Dear Scorpion,

    Dave is undeniably one of the greatest metal players out there, I was wondering if he was entirely self taught in the early days and what he would consider his influences to be? Finally, how did he develop such speed?


    Hi Lewis,
    Here's a very cool interview segment with Dave from 1991 where he talks about early/current influences and learning to play. Enjoy!

    (Dave) started playing the guitar at age 15. Why?

    "Because tuning a guitar is way easier than tuning a piano! Actually, it was down to the husband of one of my three sisters. When she first met him he was in a rock band that covered songs by Kiss, Mott The Hoople, The Stones and stuff like that, and after listening to him twang away and hearing all the power of an amplified guitar, I thought 'Wow, this is a cool idea!'"

    So, picking up the acoustic guitar his mother had bought him, Dave set about teaching himself to play - with a few helpful hints from his brother-in-law to be. He wanted to be in a band as soon as possible, and that's exactly what happened...

    "Me joining my first band still cracks me up! Believe it or not, it happened about a month after I started playing! I was real stiff when it came to single note stuff but I could do barre chords real good. I also had an ear for music because one of my sisters used to plunk around on the piano, and all three of 'em used to listen to Motown and stuff like that. Even though dance music is not my thing, there's a lot of melody there and I was always picking them out. I can't say that if someone just hits a key on a piano I'll be able to 'name that tune', but my exposure to stuff by Marvin Gaye, The Supremes and Al Green definitely helped develop my musical ear."

    Being well and truly hooked on the instrument, it wasn't long before Dave moved on to an electric guitar, a Gibson SG.

    "The acoustic my mom gave me got broken. My second sister smashed it over my back after I got her into a bunch of trouble! So when I was 16 I got the SG. Then about a year after that, I trashed the SG and started playing a Les Paul. When I first got an electric, pretty much any noise I made on it sounded good to me. Then I started to realize how shitty what I was doing actually did sound, and that's when I got into trying to teach myself something different."

    Dave's initial influences were "early Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, and the stuff Mick Ronson did when David Bowie was really happening. I also liked some Mott The Hoople stuff - not all of it, but some of their material was cool. Later on I got into Deep Purple, Montrose and stuff like that. The rock music that was really strong towards the end of the 70's was basically what I listened to. I really liked Kiss back then - Ace Frehley I thought was God-like in the beginning. I also liked what Michael Schenker played, up until he burnt himself out."

    Mustaine also drew inspiration from an unlikely source - in view of what Megadeth's own music is like - in Paul McCartney.

    "I don't understand him because he's capable of coming up with really great stuff, such as Like A Wheel - Let Me Roll It To You. As soon as I heard that song I had to learn it. Then, the next thing you know, he's doing rubbish with Michael Jackson."

    I wonder what Mustaine listens to nowadays...Yngwie Malmsteen maybe?

    "Which Yngwie? There are so many of him out there you can't tell them apart. No, I don't really listen to him. I liked what Randy Rhoads did, a lot. I was really into the Blizzard when they first came out. I like listening to music that makes you want to hang out with friends and have a good time - like Fear for example. I'm not into John McLaughlin and crap like that...I mean, I can appreciate it, but I don't really like it. I prefer stuff that's more Motorhead-ish and energetic. I really liked Diamond Head a lot."

  • Hello
    I was wondering if Dave ever used an ESP Axxion live? I've looked for videos and pictures but never found anything.

    Thanks from Sweden, Viktor

    Hi Viktor,
    Dave has never played his Axxion live. Glen Drover played one during Gigantour 2006, check out the gallery at for pics.

  • Dear ScorpioN,

    I have been trying to figure this out for a long time. I really would like to know the type of Jackson guitar that Dave Mustaine uses in the music video for trust. Thanks.

    Hi there, Dave used a Jackson Custom Firebird (color "oxblood") in the video for "Trust". There were only four made by Jackson's custom shop. Dave's was serial number: J6322. He auctioned it off with several other of his Jacksons here at in December 2003.

  • Dear Scorpion,

    I'm looking for a list of all the Megadeth music videos including the ones on Hidden Treasures. Might you be able to help me out?

    Here's the list so far. "Head Crusher" has recently been confirmed as the next video.

    Peace Sells
    Wake Up Dead
    In My Darkest Hour
    Anarchy In The U.K.
    Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
    Hangar 18
    Skin O' My Teeth
    Symphony Of Destruction
    Sweating Bullets
    Foreclosure Of A Dream
    High Speed Dirt
    Train Of Consequences
    A Tout Le Monde
    Reckoning Day
    No More Mr. Nice Guy
    Go To Hell
    Angry Again
    99 Ways to Die
    Almost Honest
    A Secret Place
    Crush 'Em
    Moto Psycho
    Die Dead Enough
    Of Mice And Men
    A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free)
    Never Walk Alone

  • I have been trying to find infromation on these megadeth roadie tapes from around 1990. all i can find out is that they where suspossed to be released as an official 'Life Of..' video but it never happened and copies from the original master and have been floating around and being traded since then. Why has Dave never released this footage I have seen stuff from it and i think people would really pay to see all the cool backstage stuff and soundchecks and all the live performances if it was on a dvd. Hope you get this and can answer my questions.

    Some of the footage from the "Life Of" tapes has been released recently. The London Clash of the Titans concert from October 1990 was released in 2007 as disc 4 of the Warchest box set, and backstage footage was released in 2006 on the Arsenal of Megadeth DVD. Hopefully there's more to come!

  • Hi ScorpioN,

    um my name is Esteban and i'm 14 years old and own every MegadetH cd. A few weeks i discovered my uncle has a original Killing is My Business...And Business is Good! While visiting my grandma I went to my uncle's room as he left when he moved out. Funny i discovered the cd when i dropped my phone under his bed cause i noticed a cd. Curiosity overcame me and checked the cd...I was shocked seeing that cd. The point it rare? and valueable? What do you Think? Thank You!

    Hi Esteban,

    The original Killing Is My Business cd, meaning the first Combat Records release with "These Boots" included as track #4, is considered rare. It's value is between $30-$40 in good condition.

  • Scorpion,

    I was checking out the new Headcrusher art and it looked very familiar to me but I couldn't quite place it.=C 2 Then it hit me. It resembles the art from The Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part I by Helloween. I was wondering if the artists was influenced by that album, if its the same guy, or was just sheer coincidence. Either way, it looks rockin!

    Rock on
    Alex Dwyer

    Hi Alex, I talked to the artist, John Lorenzi (United Abominations cover artist and more with Megadeth) about this today. This is what he told me:

    "The device in the song and the period in which it was used along with some instructions from Dave Mustaine himself was all I used here. I agree the cloaked characters seem similar but only by coincidence and the fact that they all shop at the same "Cloakery" (I don't think that's really a word.). They could be brothers from another mother but they don't know it yet ;)"

    Also, Dave Mustaine recently posted this about the art on the Megadeth Forums:

    "This is a Head Crusher. The containers in front of his eyes in the image were to catch the eyeballs as they popped from their sockets.

    The robed people were John's idea and represent executioners or a tribunal, I dunno?

    Any other artwork pertaining to this song, that is not about this specific device and is specifically about a person in the device while it is being cranked down on his head, forcing his brain to squirt gray oozing brain matter out his ears, and his teeth exploding and all of his head splintering and pulverized as the giant screw is turned over and over; sometimes the executioner would reverse the screw to cause twice the torment, and also hit the skull cap with a hammer to cause more pain.

    I encourage you all to look up the head crusher online (you know how much I love to show you things and how great it makes me feel to know that I taught you something) and read all of the material that you can on this. I saw a poster when we were in Amsterdam, and there was a poster for the History of Torture. I tried to see if Dick Cheney was the Grand Poobah emcee, but we took off in the taxi before I could finish reading it. That is when the inspiration came, and I had no idea it was going to be for the Head Crusher. I looked up this stuff because I knew Iron Maiden got their name from a torture device."

  • Hi there Megadeth people!

    Just have a question not bad intended: why famous bands make specials versions, extra songs for JAPAN? What made them so honored to have that privilege? I mean, most of all the fans over the world should deserve the same treatment because we go to the concerts, buy the albums, shouldnt we? But anyway, it´s only a question not a criticism.

    With kind regards from Germany,

    Hi Carlos,

    Bonus material is usually included on Japanese releases because of high CD prices in Japan. Extra tracks on the Japanese pressing are an incentive for shops not to import cheaper CD's from other countries.

  • For all fans interested. is there a place to get copies of the chaos comics for megadeth? i know they went out of business in 2002, but there has to be a secret stash somewhere.

    - Charles

    The original four issues, as well as the special edition issues are available on and occasionally on Also, the official Megadeth eBay store often has copies autographed by Dave and the MegaFanClub often auctions off autographed copies to its members.

  • Hi, i was hearing the instrumental "Absolution" of the Disc "Youthanasia" and I realized that it was equal to the instrumental part of the song "Trust", "Cryptic Writings". Can you explain it to me?


    Dave explains this in the liner notes of the Youthanasia remaster CD:

    This song is an instrumental piece of music that had the front section cut out of it and used in the hit single off of Cryptic Writings, called "Trust". Marty and I were talking about various song ideas and I told him that I had one idea to do a renaissance type song. There are two versions of this song.

  • Scoripon,

    I have heard that Megadeth had a rare ep out called 'Cryptic Sounds: No Voices in your Head'. I'd like to know more info on it.

    Thanks, Brett from East Earl PA.

    Hi Brett,

    Cryptic Sounds is indeed a rare EP, released in Japan in late 1998, and later as the bonus disc in the Korean version of Cryptic Writings.
    It included five songs from Cryptic Writings (Almost Honest, Vortex, Trust, A Secret Place and She-Wolf). All are instrumentals, without Dave singing, and added guitar parts by Marty Friedman. You can find the Japanese CD used on and, or occasionally on eBay.

  • Dear Scopion,

    I was wondering if there are any websites or videos where I can hear or read from Dave talking about working with Vinnie Collaiuta or viceversa in "The System Has Failed"

    Bet regards,
    Jose M Gonzalez
    Miami, FL

    Hi Jose,

    Dave spoke about working with Vinnie in
    this 2004 interview with Hard Radio:

    Bob Nalbandian: How in the hell did Vinnie Colaiuta come into the fold? Being a huge session drummer for the biggest name bands in pop, jazz, and fusion, I find it surprising he would record with Megadeth!

    Dave Mustaine: Do you know how badly he wanted to do this record? He's been performing for artists like Sting and Faith Hill, and he has the chance to come in and belt blazing drum tracks with Dave Mustaine...doing lead drums...I mean, come on. I was so intimidated by him, when I first went in I shook his hand and said "I thought you were black." He started laughing, since he's this large Italian man. I just wanted to clear the air and make things fun from the get-go and let him know I'm a prankster. And then we just started recording, I would play air-drums on certain parts and said "do this", but I still gave him artistic license to do what he needed to do. And it was brilliant, he did the whole record in three days.

  • Hi Scorpion,

    We don’t get many metal acts in South Africa, was just wondering and hoping if Megadeth will ever come to South Africa. You guys have a huge following here.



    Hi Jacques,

    Dave has mentioned wanting to play South Africa many times in the past, and commented about playing there last week in an online chat: "That is one place I will not feel good about missing out on playing if I retire."

  • Hi Scorpion, I read Dave is writing a book. Can you give more details about it?

    Hi Silvia,

    Dave has been working on a book for some years now. Originally titled "Love And Bruises: Lyrics And Stories: 1981-2004", it was set for release in April 2005, but was never published. Earlier this year Dave mentioned that the book would be coming out in 2010, and went into details about the writing process with Sweden’s Close Up magazine:

    "If you're going to write an autobiography, everything has to be included — the good and happy moments, as well as the hard times. You can't leave anything out. As of right now, we have covered everything up until halfway through the Metallica years, so I guess now is when the more delicate stuff will come.

    On the other hand, if a musician writes an autobiography and it doesn't include any sexual perversion or debauchery, then it's not an honest story. I think a lot of people are going to by shocked by some of the chapters. But I have no choice - either I write about everything or nothing at all. This is basically a story of human interest; it's much more than just 'Dave from Megadeth.' There have been a lot of people that have tried to stop me, but they can't. Over the years, I have learned to cherish both my friends and my enemies. So it's a story about a guy that has been lifted up and then kicked down again, and I think it will show very clearly that I never give up."

    The book is being co-written by New York Times journalist Joe Layden, who also wrote "The Last Great Fight", which takes readers behind the scenes of what is considered by many to be the biggest upset in the history of boxing: James "Buster" Douglas' tenth-round knockout win over Mike Tyson in 1990.