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  • ScorpioN,

    I often get told by friends that Dave Mustaine has lost parts of his fingers (never more descripitive than that). Where do rumors like these come from?


    Rumors like that are generated by shit stirring nippleheaded wankers. Don't believe anything you hear about Megadeth, unless you read it or it's confirmed on

  • ScorpioN,

    In the song 'Hook in Mouth,' there are references to a P.M.R.C. What in the world is the PMRC?


    The song Hook in Mouth is about censorship, and it is basically aimed at the P.M.R.C. P.M.R.C is an acronym for Parents Music Resource Center. It was founded in America in the mid-1980's by Tipper Gore, to quote "alert the public of the growing trend in music towards lyrics that are sexually explicit, excessively violent, or glorify the use of drugs and alcohol." Essentially we have the P.M.R.C, and Mrs. Gore of course, to thank for the vile "Parental Advisory/Explicit Lyrics" stickers.

  • ScorpioN,

    Megadeth is my favorite band. My question is that I don't recall in any liner notes as to or even if Mary Jane was written about anyone in particular. My grandmother wanted to always know as she saw my shirt with the lyrics on it. Unfortunately, she just passed away 7/28/04, so I won't be able to give her the answer, but at least I will know perhaps.


    There is a lot of speculation around the song Mary Jane, off of the album So Far, So Good...So What! Is it about drugs? Is Mary Jane an actual person? Contrary to popular belief, this song is not about marijuana. As it turns out, a long time ago Dave Mustaine heard a tale of a young witch named Mary Jane Twilliger, who was supposedly buried in the Loon Lake Cemetery, somewhere in Minnesota, just North of the Iowa state border. Legend has it that Mary Jane Twilliger was discovered by her father practicing the art of witchcraft at a very young age and feeling disgraced, her father buried her alive, rather than face the ridicule and possible lynching by his fellow townspeople. There is much more to the story, this is just a small taste of the information that you will find in Dave Mustaine's forthcoming book that will contain detailed song by song lyric descriptions. And I'll have more information about the book, like the title and release date, when it is officially announced. Loyal visitors will be among the first to know so get yer arses back here as often as possible for updates and info about all things Mega.

  • ScorpioN,

    Who in the hell is playing on the upcoming tour? I heard Chris Poland gonna be touring with Megadeth?

    Jack the Ripper

    I thought you would never ask. The Blackmail The Universe Tour line-up has been determined and was officially announced recently. Dave Mustaine will obviously be center stage; you'll find James MacDonough jamming on the bass; Nick Menza will be rockin' the drum kit; and Glen Drover will be shredding on lead and rhythm guitars. I'm not going to waste my breath telling you about each musicians background, you can read it for yourself in the Bio section here at

    And Chris Poland is not touring with Megadeth.

  • ScorpioN,

    About the upcoming CD, can you tell us more about the new MEGADETH'S formation? If you ask Dave about this, please tell him that we'll be specting Megadeth down here in SouthAmerica

    Andres from Argentina

    Yes, I can tell you more about the musicians that played on Megadeth's new album, The System Has Failed. In addition to Dave Mustaine, the other musicians are Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums, Jimmy Lee Sloas - Bass, and Chris Poland - Guitars. Vinnie Colaiuta's resume includes the renowned Frank Zappa. In addition to being amazing at the bass, Jimmy Lee Sloas is also a talented Producer and Song Writer. Chris Poland (unless you have been living under a rock, that is a name that most of you had better recognize), is a former member of Megadeth and his previous Megadeth credits include Killing is My Business...and Business is Good! and Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? The touring line-up will be a bit different than the studio line-up, however since you didn't ask about that you'll have to wait until my next question and answer is posted to find out that information.