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  • Dear ScorpioN,

    hey wats up, ima big fan of megadeth, im wondering where u guys got the lyrics from "shadow of deth" cuz it sounds familier....
    Metal up Your Ass!!!!!

    -saul, 4rm california!!

    It is a Psalm from the Bible (Psalm 23 by David to be exact).

    Auxilium meum a Domino

    The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want
    He maketh me to lie down in green pastures
    He leadeth me beside the still waters
    He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me
    In the paths of righteousness for his name's sake
    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
    I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me
    Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies
    Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over
    Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life
    And I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever

  • During the song "502" on SFSGSW, there is part half-way through the song that sounds like a car being chased by the cops. Underneath this sound effect is another song playing. If you listen closely you can hear, what sounds like Dave, singing the lyrics "got you under my wheels". I was wondering what song it is and is that Dave singing the lyrics?


    Hey there Darren,

    Dave Mustaine discussed the differences between the original recordings and the remastered albums, and this is what he had to say about 502.
    "In 502 there’s a little bit… (Alice Cooper’s my Godfather) and in the middle of the part where the music breaks down the guy hops in the car and he’s racing down the street before the car crashed in 502. I had the radio click on and on the radio is playing 'Under My Wheels'. Now, that never made it on Michael Wagner’s version because he left it out. It’s on the tape, I put it back in. That’s what I wanted." So you are semi-correct mate, the lyrics "got you under my wheels" are being sung, but not by Mr. Mustaine! This is a clip from "Under My Wheels" by Alice Cooper. Incidentally, Alice became Dave's Godfather one year after "So Far, So Good...So What!" came out; the same year that Megadeth recorded their cover of his song "No More Mr. Nice Guy" for Wes Craven's "Shocker" soundtrack. Small world, eh? And just another little tidbit about this tune for you, my police friend informed me that a "502" is code for drunk driving. Keep those questions coming, and the Scorpion drink, you lose!

  • Dear Scorpion,

    A friend of mine recently gave me a home-made cd with a band doing a cover of the Metallica song "Battery" on it, he said it was Megadeth playing it. the vocals do sound similar to that of Dave Mustaine's, but i was wondering if Megadeth have ever done a cover of "Battery".
    thanx a bunch,


    Henri, you might want to tell your friend that he is mistaken. The cover of the Metallica song "Battery" that you're asking about is from the album "Metal Militia - A Tribute to Metallica II" that was released in 1996. "Battery" was covered by a band called Blakk Totem on that album, not by Megadeth. In fact, Megadeth has never covered a Metallica song, so do me a favor and set your friend straight on the truth concerning this issue.

  • Dear Scorpion,

    What's the deal with the md.45 album? Is it Megadeth? I'm a big Megadeth fan so why have I never heard of it?

    -Derek Herbert
    Middle of nowhere, Canada

    Well may not have heard of it because it isn't Megadeth, MD.45 was Dave Mustaine's side project. MD.45 created only one album, The Craving, that was released in 1996. The band members were as follows: Vocals (and Harmonica)-Lee Ving, Bass-Kelly Lemieux. Drums-Jimmy Degrasso and Guitars-Dave Mustaine (who also produced the album). Mustaine and Ving created the band name by reversing their intitial's...Dave Mustaine's reversed are MD and Lee Ving's are VL which is 45 in Roman numerals hence the name MD.45. If you haven't checked out the album Derek, definitely give it a listen.

    And on an interesting side note...The Craving is included in all of the re-mastered albums, but this album re-master in particular has a twist. Ving's vocal tracks and harmonica parts were missing when it came time to re-mix the Dave ended up re-singing all the vocals himself, as well as simulating the harmonica on a guitar so picking up this re-master is a must!

  • Dear Scorpion,

    Who sings on Dawn Patrol?


    Hi Dan! It is Dave Mustaine's vocals that you hear on the song Dawn Patrol, which is from the album Rust in Peace. In this song his voice was meant to sound like a mole, and Dave created this tone by drawing air over his bottom lip while biting down on his upper teeth.

  • Dear Scorpion,

    Way way back in the the absolute start of megadeth - for the first album KIMB - what guitar brand was Dave on ? Ive been told so many different storys now but more than less say that he was on BC Rich prior to signing with Jackson - true or false mate ? ?
    And outa curiosity what model BC Rich was he playing if this is the case ?

    Kindest regards ,
    Graham .

    True. The BC Rich Bich was Dave's axe of choice for Megadeth from the Killing Is My Business era up until late 1986, when he switched to the Jackson King V. Have a gander at the Gallery on to see pics of Dave playing it.

  • Dear Scorpion,

    I've seen a guy named Dijon Carruthers mentioned before in the liner notes for PSBWB, who is he?

    Curious in Canada

    Hello Curious! In the liner notes for the album, Peace Sells, But Who's Buying?, there is a reference made to Dijon Carruthers as the inspiration for the songs Black Friday and Bad Omen. Black Friday discusses an imaginary serial killer, and goes into graphic details about his actions; Bad Omen is about a satanic ritual. There has been some curiosity among fans about who Dijon is or was, whether or not he was the actual killer, if he was a Satanist, and exactly how he was the "inspiration" for these two songs. According to Dave M., "Dijon Carruthers was a drummer with us temporarily, before Gar Samuelson. He was a very talented, but strange person. He used to hang out with an even stranger guy that was definitely into the occult; this guy was fully wacked! Dijon's friend seemed to know a lot of the occult, he wrote a lot of strange things and symbols down on paper. Although Dijon did get credit for inspiring those two songs, that was the extent of it".

    When asked if Dijon was actually a Satanist, or a murderer, Dave replied, "Dijon may or may not be or have been a Satanist, and he did not commit murder that I know of at the time I was associating him. Dijon was a very talented drummer, and he came from a gifted family. I wish him well in his endeavors, whatever they may be."

  • Dear Scorpion,
    I've heard a rumour that Glen is leaving Megadeth to be with his family. Is this true? If so, when will he leave, and who will play for the upcoming tour if he's not there?

    Fellow Droog,

    The band has confirmed that this rumor is true. Glen has left Megadeth in order to spend more time with his family and to move on with his future musical endeavors. Happily, Megadeth has found its new lead
    guitarist and will be able to continue with its touring plans for 2008.
    Chris Broderick , who has played with such bands as Jag Panzer and Nevermore, has been chosen to replace Glen. Anyone who has seen Chris play can attest to the fact that he is a master shredder and will be a welcome addition to take Megadeth to the next level. We wish Glen all the best in the future and give a warm welcome to Chris! Make sure you catch him on the road with Megadeth in Europe and Asia this Winter and on Gigantour USA 2008 in the Spring.

  • Hey whats going on Scorpion dude or chick..whoever is behind the typing of Scorpion?!!
    This part is not a question.I live in SanJose, CA. and i met Al patrelli at his drum store!!

    I was wondering Scorpion, does Sir. Dave Mustaine(the Rock Lord) GIVE AWAY or SELL any of his own PERSONAL musical equipment from his home? Stuff he don't even want anymore that's just lying around his casa? I love making music maannn, i play Guitar and Drums and can only record my shit on a gay 4-track.

    If Dave Mustaine, (which is probably YOU SCORPION..huh..dont lie!), could be Santa Clause for one day, and help the cause of a fuckin needy starving musician (ME) by SELLING or GIVING away Any type of musical device, that would be NICE!!!

    -thanks, this was darrick

    You are in luck mate. Megadeth often sorts through their old gear stored at a special warehouse in California and gives fans the opportunity to purchase instruments and many other items in two main locations.

    First, the Official Megadeth eBay store is found here and features anything you can think of related to Megadeth, from a pair of jeans worn by Dave Mustaine, to a DV8 tour guitar to drum sticks used by Shawn Drover. The majority of these items are autographed.

    Second, there is the Megadeth Fanclub found at This is an exclusive, members only passworded website which occasionally features auctions of the band's gear and other promotional autographed items and contests with all kinds of items given away. If you aren't a member, I'd highly recommend it, it comes with all kinds of Megadeth goodies and perks.

  • How did you come up with your band's name? Megadeth... personally not the first thing that i would think of as a name for a band. i heard Dave toured as "Vic & the Rattleheads" or something like that, but that's all i really know Alex

    What's in a name? Well, in this case, after Dave Mustaine's untimely departure from his former band, Metallica, he was on a four day cross country bus ride home to the bay area and was jotting down some lyrics on the back of a handbill to pass the time. The pamphlet was from California Senator Alan Cranston and was a political discussion of the dangers of nuclear armament. One quote said "The arsenal of megadeath can't be rid no matter what the peace treaties come to." This line also influenced the lyrics to "Set the World Afire". A Megadeath is the death of one million people attributed to a nuclear blast. Drop the second "A" and you got a pretty sweet powerful name for a new speed metal band. Incidentally, The Megadeaths was also the original name of the band the preceded Pink Floyd, which took its eventual name from two bluesmen, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council to acknowledge its bluesey roots. I'll direct you to my column dated 3-7-05 available in the Scorpion Archives for an explanation of Vic & The Rattleheads.

  • I was listening to "Wake Up Dead" the other day and heard the name Diana mentioned. Who is she? I'd like to know. Thanks!


    Ah Diana, the face the launched a thousand album sales, millions even! "Wake Up Dead" is basically about cheating on your lover and sneaking back into the house hoping that you won't get caught, because if you do, you'll surely "wake up dead". The mistress in this particular instance is Diana, the name of Mustaine's former flame. Diana allegedly caused a bit of a stir in the band back in 1989, according to Dave Mustaine's "Megadeth: Behind the Music" interview on VH1. Jeff Young, former guitarist for the Megadeth, was apparently contemplating putting the moves on Diana, much to the dismay of Mustaine, which was part of the reason that he was fired from the band. Happy New Year mates!

  • Scorpion,
    This is an 18 yr old metalhead from Bangalore,India. i feel that india has a fast growing, kick-ass metal culture. very few ppl dont know about megadeth and how amazing they are. There is a rumour goin around in megadeth india forums that megadeth will be playing here in march. there is no confirmation or negation in the killing road. could u please let us know??
    and from all the indian fans..

    thanking you..

    I can now officially confirm that Megadeth is coming to India. To your home town in fact! How's that for service mate? Megadeth is playing the Rock in India Festival, held in Bangalore on March 14, 2008. The concert is taking place at the Palace Grounds, and so far the other bands supporting Megadeth include Machine Head, Pentagram and Junkyard Groove. Tickets are on sale now at TicketPro, so get them as soon as you can. The forums recently opened an India forum in the International Forums, so please feel free to head over there to discuss the festival!

    The show in India follows Megadeth's European Tour of Duty which covers the UK and mainland Europe. You can also now vote for the opener for the Europe shows at As always, keep an eye on the Killing Road at for tour updates.

  • Dear Scorpion,

    I recently ran into a youtube clip where dave was in episode of a show called black scorpion, when was it filmed, and I'd like to know any other possible information on it, thanks

    Nathaniel Gylland

    "Black Scorpion" was a tv series on the Sci Fi channel that aired back in 2001, and is based upon the movies of the same name. Essentially, the series tracked the adventures of a female cop who goes renegade at night along the lines of Batman under the alias of Black Scorpion. Dave Mustaine made a cameo as a bad guy named Torchy Thompson, a pyromaniac and arsonist-for-hire with the burn marks to prove it. Donning a black trench coat, he drives an old pickup truck to a power plant to set it aflame at the direction of his boss and ex-cell mate, when he is confronted by the Black Scorpion and her friend, an ex-firefighter. The three do battle karate style, with Hangar 18 playing in the background, and Torchy slips away after knocking out the Black Scorpion and dowsing her in gasoline. However, during their second encounter, Torchy meets his untimely demise at the hands of the ex-firefighter. The series was available on a limited basis on DVD, but is no longer in print. Too bad the show was so short lived; it had such a catchy title.

  • Hey Scorpion,

    Guitar Hero 3 is coming out pretty soon and i was wondering if Megadeth was coming out on it. They came out on GH1 and 2 and it would really suck if they didn't come out on this one. So by any chance do you know if they are?

    Keep it Metal,

    Sadly, there are no Megadeth tracks on the official track list (or hidden bonus tracks) of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, which was released on October 28th, 2007. The closest you would find on the
    tracks of that game are "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath and "Anarchy in the U.K." by the Sex Pistols, both of which Megadeth has recorded covers of.
    Additionally, Marty Friedman, ex-Megadeth guitarist has made various appearances as a spokesperson for the game in Japan. The original Guitar Hero featured "Symphony of Destruction" and Guitar Hero II included "Hangar 18". Incidentally, "Holy Wars" is one of the most frequently requested songs in informal polls for future editions of the game.

  • I recently saw an ad for Line 6 Dave Mustaine signature . I noticed though in the gear section of the site it now says Dave is back to using marshall amps and cabinets. I was wondering why he went back to marshall after such a short period of time with Line 6?

    New Jersey

    Actually, Dave never really left Marshall for Line 6; he used Line 6 as a supplement in recording. He explained his amp status as follows: "The gear switch that I went back to was incredible! And although I don't officially play Line 6 gear and never did, they did make me some incredible personal amps for recording with, and I used them on tour for quite a while, but I want the reliability and the consistency that I have always had with my Marshalls; that is why you saw me with my mighty, trusted Marshall custom cabinets I modified for myself for yourself on the Tour of Duty small venue/club underplay tour. I am super stoked to be working with Nick Bowcott at Marshall again and
    especially the non-business things and chats we have. There is a lot of great things happening to/for me because of Nick B. and I thank you my friend. We are also on a strange journey together that I will keep secret until you see it first, but suffice it to say that Nick helped me get my first instructional column for a guitar magazine. And there is going to be a DVD video feature along with it and I am playing the new JVM Marshall amplifier, so listen close to this new amp in the lesson, too!"

    Keep those questions coming and I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

  • Dear scorpion

    I was reading your answer's archive, and I read that dave is writing a book.

    What this book is all about? Will it contain Dave's history and also Megadeth's?

    Please, i need more information about that! Dave's book..that's fantastic!


    Alex Silva de Chico

    Earlier this year, Dave had this to say on the status of the book, which was tentatively entitled "Love and Bruises" and contains explanations of Megadeth lyrics: "The publishing company was owned by Sanctuary and folded, along with a lot of that company's plans, promises, and the dreams of the artists they sold them to. I got my book back, and they refunded the fans' money [from preorders], so we are all good up to this point, sans some embarrassment to and by the record company's publishing company. I am intent on releasing it at some point, but i may need to rethink this. My old manager had set up something for a new deal for another attempt at finding a publisher for the book, and the meeting was kind of a 'well, we like it, but you may want to do something different' which changes the premise and purpose of the book. I can do another book like that, but this is a book about the songs. There will be something, though, and i am journaling everyday of the tour so far for this record. But there isn't much to write about when you are playing every night, and it is just, go . . go . . . go . . go! So it is mostly stuff like a daily work log - meets - my warped sense of humor and the things i say and do that i don't get caught or in trouble for. Hope that helps"

    As of this month, Dave confirms that the book is still "in the mothballs".

  • Dear Scorpion,

    Me and friend have been big megafans for a long time. So when the new album came out we were both just stoked. Every song is exellent, a VERY well done album but now we have been wonder, at the begging of the song "united abominations" is the first voice (within striking Distance...) Dave Mustaine?. Me and my buddy have been argueing if it is or not since the album has came out, so please settle this question for us.

    Trail B.C.

    I asked Dave Mustaine if he was indeed the sinister voiceover at the beginning of the title track of "United Abominations". He confirmed that he, in fact, is the one who does this spoken word part. So did you bet that it was him or what? If not, who else did you think it could be, silly? Here are the lyrics of this introduction spoken by Mustaine:
    "Within striking distance from Ground Zero sits a smoldering International cauldron, the "United Abominations" as it were Born to prevent wars, it froze in the face of disaster and Stood silent while terrorization took hostage the world In a mire of hypocrisy, the UN ignores sex crimes by its "blue-helmets", and enables terrorism; so that in the end it's failed And the UN is where our so-called "friends" get to stab us In the back, and we pay 22% of their tab to host our enemies Here at home. Ambassadors from countries, otherwise known As a catastrophe, enjoy diplomatic immunity living in Manhattan, while their children are turned into prostitutes It's a complete and utter disgrace, a blot on the face of Humanity, and they get away with it."

  • Who's sing on " it's electric" on the live of Wembley in Warchest?



    "It's Electric" is a tune from the legendary "New Wave of British Heavy Metal" act Diamond Head. Sean Harris, founding member and former lead vocalist of the band joined Megadeth on stage and sang the cover of this song, available exclusively as part of the brand new Warchest box set, released October 9, 2007. The song was performed in the Wembley Arena in October of 1990 on the Clash of the Titans tour. Megadeth has a long history of working with Diamond Head. During the Youthanasia era, Sean Harris collaborated with Dave Mustaine in writing the Megadeth track "Crown of Worms." Subsequently, Diamond Head toured Europe with Megadeth in early 2005.

  • Hello Scorp!

    Now that Dave and the band are heading out to the Pacific Rim will we still be getting calls and shoutouts from them via the Saynow service?


    Dave Turner

    The band is still able to access SayNow overseas. Especially the shoutouts because those can be viewed through the SayNow website and the Megadeth Myspace and the band has online access in the Pacific Rim and elsewhere worldwide. As James has said however, he is having some difficulty with his cell phone, so you may not be receiving voice mails from him for a while. But keep your messages coming because the band is making every effort to return them from anywhere they may happen to be.

    For those of you readers unfamiliar with this SayNow business, get with the times folks! SayNow is a new way for musicians to keep in touch with their fans by exchanging voice messages. Band members are provided with a dedicated phone line that fans can leave messages on, and the bands are alerted to the new messages by texts sent to their private cell phones. All you need to do is call Megadeth's SayNow numbers and leave a message. As many fans can attest to, the band does return your messages! Who knows, they may just give you a ringa ding ding. So don't forget to say your name after the beep! The band can also send broadcast messages with all kinds of updates and other goodies. There is no charge for this service. If you'd like to leave a message, call (619) 717-2000 for Dave, (661) 349-7208 for James, (818) 237-4680 for Glen and (678) 999-2215 for Shawn.

  • Scorpion,

    I recently posted this on the forum.

    I found a special 10" record of skin o' my teeth and it contained pieces of a megadeth game?

    What sort of game is it and where can i find the rest of the pieces?



    Four different versions of the UK Skin 'O My Teeth singles exist which, when purchased together, comprise the entire Megadeth board game.

    The board game itself is in the style of monopoly, with a board with around 50 squares with actions written on them. The squares have items like "23 hour drive to next gig, back 2", "guitar out of tune, back 6", and meet fans at instore, forward 5". The four corners of the board are "hotel", "photo pit", "backstage", and "catering tent".

    Some squares allow a player to collect a backstage pass. Passes are needed to move forward on the board or, alternatively, a player can move forward by spinning a 6 on the spinner. The object of the game is for the players to collect the most backstage passes by advancing around the board to end up at the hotel.

  • Scorpion,

    How long has guitar tech, Willie G. been with Megadeth?

    Los Angeles

    I passed your inquiry along to my buddy Willie, and here is what he had to say:

    "I joined up with Megadeth basically in early October of 2004.... I had known Glen Drover since the spring of 1998, when he was in King Diamond.
    I wasn't a tech at the time, but I had a friend who was and I knew something about guitars, so I substituted for him for a bit so he could go on some Dave Matthews Band tour....the K.D. camp liked me a bit more than they did liked him, so I started working with them in the U.S.

    I was just finishing up some Ozzfest stuff in 2004 when Glen called me and said he had gotten a call about Megadeth and had submitted some materials, and if he happened to land that gig, he wanted me to come on board as his tech. He got the gig ( as we know ) and here I am.....

    So I started out as Glen Drover and James MacDonough's tech, then I was just Glen's tech, then I was Glen and James LoMenzo's tech, then I was just Glen's tech again, then I was Glen's tech and stage manager, THEN I was Dave Mustaine's tech and stage I THINK I am Glen and James' tech and stage manager....but at the end of the day, if you work for Megadeth, you work for Mustaine! Haha....and Vic. Live for metal, die for Megadeth.... you know how it goes!"

  • Dear Scorpion,

    I saw Megadeth in late 2004, and I must say, what an amazing show! I remember Dave talking about the doctors that told him he'd never play again. Good thing they were mistaken. Exodus opened, and was great
    too. My question is about the track that was played right before Dave and the boys hit the stage. It was a broadcast as if in a totalitarian state, threatening that people out after curfew, etc, "will .be.shot."
    This sounded very familiar to me, and I believe that I've heard it before, but what is it? Help!!



    Ps: Washington is Next is my new favorite song.

    The intro music you are referring to is called "Shut Up, Be Happy."
    This is actually the opening track on Ice T's third album, "The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech...Just Watch What You Say." The music in the background of the song is Black Sabbath's "Black Sabbath" and the voice you hear delivering the spoken word is Jello Biafra, the singer of the Dead Kennedys, who is a self-proclaimed anarchist and member of the Green Party. Here are the lyrics, reprinted courtesy of Sire Records:

    We interrupt this program with a special bulletin:
    America is now under martial law.
    All constitutional rights have been suspended.
    Stay in your homes.
    Do not attempt to contact love ones, insurance agent or attorney.
    Shut up.
    Do not attempt to think or depression may occur.
    Stay in your homes.
    Curfew is at 7 PM sharp after work.
    Anyone caught outside of gates of their suveillance sectors after curfew will be shot.
    Remain calm, do not panic.
    Your neighborhood watch officer will be by to collect urine examples in the morning.
    Anyone gaught intefering with the collection of urine examples will be shot.
    Stay in your homes, remain calm.
    The number one enemy of progress is questions.
    National security is more important than individual will.
    All sports broadcasts will proceed as normal.
    No more than two people may gather anywhere without permission.
    Use only the drugs described by your boss or supervisor.
    Shut up, be happy.
    Obey all orders without question.
    The comfort you demanded is now mandatory.
    Be happy.
    At last everything is done for you

  • Dear Scorpion,

    I just saw Dave, Glen, Shawn and James in St. Louis and was blown away by Shawn's new drum kit!

    Could you please tell me is that a 1 of a kind set up with the cage and all and is it hand painted or is the artwork just "printed" on?




    I presented your question about the new kit to Shawn Drover and this is what he had to say:

    "The 'Mega-cage' was made by Furguson fabrication, out of Tempe, Arizona, who specialize in creating funny-cars/hot-rods, etc. For my drum-kit, the artwork was taken from the toxic oil drum on the U.A.
    record, then applied by "Rockenwraps", which is owned by Scott Rockenfield of Queensryche. The wrap can be taken off the kit, retaining the original finish, which on my kit is a brown/black bubinga wood finish."

    Good stuff, gotta love those caged drummers! Until next time, keep those questions coming and happy Autumn.

  • Scorpion,

    Was the song Holy wars...The punishment due originally about the troubles in Ireland?
    I just heard some stuff that they (megadeth) had been fed information by the IRA and had to be escorted off stage during a show...

    Loyal fan
    Stephen B

    Some believe "Holy Wars" to be about Northern Ireland specifically, but Dave Mustaine says "'Holy Wars' doesn't talk about any specific place in time. It doesn't talk about any country. It just says, 'Don't look now to Israel it might be YOUR homeland.'"

    On an Israeli radio interview, Mustaine said: "I've mentioned Israel in songs before, in Holy Wars. Holy wars don't necessarily have to start in Israel. It can be anywhere. There are so many holy wars taking place in the world right now anyway. People are dying for a cause. It's so unbelievable."

    However, when asked about his state of mind when writing the song, he responded "Well, I'd been misinformed by someone from Ireland. When I was over there, I asked him, 'What is goin' on here,' because somebody said there was someone with a box of T-shirts bootlegging Megadeth shirts. I would want to get them confiscated because that's basically the way the band stays alive out there is by selling merchandise and records. They said, 'Well, you can't do that. Those guys are sellin' T-shirts for the cause.' And I went, 'What the hell's the cause?' And they go, 'Well, it's the IRA.' What's this all about? And the guy goes, 'Well, Catholics are against the Protestants are against the Catholics, ya know.' And to me, any religion that thinks it's better than another religion is full of it, ya know? I can't really say how I really feel without getting vulgar and I would rather, you know, instead of having what I feel oppressed, I would rather watch what I say and just say that I think that a prejudice religion is a sin in itself, and they're trying to disguise their sins by saying one religion is better than the other and that's blaspheme, and they oughta talk to their god because I'm sure he would tell them what's happening."

    So there we have the Irish connection to the song. Hope this clears things up!

  • Scorpion,

    Ive been goin crazy over this one for ages (since i bought peace sells but who's buying?) can you find out when black friday actually is and dont worry im not goin to be paint devils on peoples walls.

    p.s. ur inbox must be so full
    p.s.s. who r you ? or are you keeping it top secret?

    thanx anyway

    Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving every year. It is one of the busiest shopping days of the year, since it marks the first day of the Christmas shopping season. On this day, the stores tend to have big sales starting very early in the morning, and people line up to get their hands on the best deals. Some people tend to get a little claustrophobic with all those big crowds of folks fighting over toys and sweaters, so to them, the day is "black".

    Historically, the term Black Friday has also been used to refer to some very tough days. These included 1869 when the Fisk-Gould Scandal caused financial disaster in the US, and 1974 during bombings in Ireland.

    As for the song itself, Dave Mustaine explained:
    "'Black Friday' was inspired by a great drummer named Dijon Carruthers whose father was Ben Carruthers from the movie 'The Dirty Dozen.'
    Dijon's brother was Cain Carruthers from the ska band The Untouchables.
    Dijon was pretty much a band member until we found out that he lied about being 'black' to us. I am not against having any person in our band, regardless of color, but Dijon said he was Spanish. One day his brother walked in and Dijon nearly died on the spot. We used the material that we were working on as we kept going, but we knew that a man that is embarrassed about his family, race, or upbringing, would never fit our creed."

    p.s. yes, I get a lot of junk mail, but it is worth it when I get interesting questions from people like yourself, so keep them coming p.s.s. I'm the Scorpion of course!

  • Hey

    The other day I was just staring at the front of my Copy of Rust In Peace, and noticed, the two guys sitting to Vic's left are Mikhail Gorbachev and George H.W. Bush, but I have no idea who the other three guys in the hanger are.

    Who are they?

    Brendan from, Australia

    You are indeed correct about the two gentlemen at Vic Rattlehead's left being Gorbachev and Bush. And to answer your question, to the right of Mr. Rattlehead in the Hangar, we have Richard von Weizsäcker, Toshiki Kaifu and John Major. Dr. von Weizsäcker was the president of Germany during the timeframe when Rust in Peace was released in 1990. Likewise, Toshiki Kaifu was Prime Minister of Japan at the time, albeit for only a very short-lived time. And John Major was Prime Minister of the UK and leader of the British conservative party. Collectively, these five world leaders represent the five so-called "Superpowers" of the world during the early 1990s.

    That concludes this week's history lesson. Keep your questions coming and have a safe and happy Labour Day.

  • Scorpion,

    There really isn't much information on Dave's pre-Metallica band Panic. Could we have a little information on the band such as whether or not any recordings/demos will surface or how the band broke up (I heard Dave was bored, the other guys died, etc.), or what the band sounded like?


    I asked Dave about his first band Panic, and here is what he had to say:

    "Panic was my first real band – Drummer Mike Leftwych, Bass Bob Evans, Guitar Tom Queck, Singer Pat Voeks, and I Dave Mustaine was lead guitar.
    And although I had gotten together and played with various other friends and acquaintances, Panic would be my first band that I actually performed anything under. Songs like, “The Mechanix,” “Jump In The Fire,” “Childsaint,” and several other riffs that made it into the Metallica or Megadeth fields.

    The band was a five piece and we hardly ever played or rehearsed toward the end. We just went to parties, set-up and shredded, and by the time people knew what hit them, we were already packing it back up or we had taken over the place. One of the low lights for Panic was the first show ended in tragedy with a car crash resulting in the deaths of both of my friends, sound man Joe (it has been so long I have forgotten his last name), and drummer Mike Leftwych.

    There were never any tapes made that I know of, certainly no demo tapes made up. But you never know, they could have had a bootlegger there from before.

    This was my first and only amateur band. My next two bands, Megadeth and Metallica, would sell almost 100,000,000 records worldwide."

  • Hello,

    I was curious about Dave's injury. I've never seen much information about it, and was curious what type of techniques the doctor recommended to overcome it. I'm glad to see he is back at it full swing, and it is very reassuring, for I too suffer from injuries which alter my ability to play for extended periods of time.

    Thank you for your time,


    I believe the injury you are referring to is a condition Dave Mustaine suffered with back in 2002. This condition is called "Saturday Night Palsy," which is a nickname for the compression of the radial ulnar nerve in Dave's right bicep and occurred after ha fell asleep with his arm draped over the back of a chair. The doctors said the possibility of recovery at the time was not favorable, and that Dave would only be able to gain up to 80% of the usage of his arm, if that, and never play guitar again. But this grim prognosis was simply not acceptable to Dave.

    He visited his doctor in Scottsdale, AZ at the time, Raj Singh, and was referred to four months of rigorous physical therapy at the Spire Institute, which included acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, and weight training. Finally, after this intensive therapy, Dr. Singh pronounced Dave to be fully recovered and ready to play again. Dave essentially had to relearn guitar, with the assistance of teacher Ric Flauding. During that time, Megadeth was on hiatus, but after Dave's recovery, they returned, bigger and better than ever with the release of The System Has Failed. And the rest, as they say mate, is history. So hopefully Dave's story can provide some inspiration for you to overcome your injuries and continue to rock. Until next time, keep those questions rolling in and I'll keep those answers rolling out!

  • Dear Scorpion,

    Do you know if Megadeth will be doing a Gigantour '07? If not is it possible in '08? Also a quick one do you know if Megadeth are going to release another new record

    thanx, BETO

    Dearest Beto,

    Well mate, if you live in Australia, you are in luck for witnessing Gigantour 2007. So far, the only tour dates announced for Gigantour this year are in Oz in November, you lucky Aussies! After a stint in the US and Japan on the Tour of Duty, Megadeth returns to Australia for a handful of dates with Gigantour 2007. The festival this year includes performances by Static X, Devildriver, and Lacuna Coil, with Megadeth as headliner of course. Wait a minute, Megadeth will be there, Lacuna Coil will be there...doesn't that mean that Cristina Scabbia will be there too? I think I will keep to myself what my amazing powers of deduction have revealed to me in the epiphany I have just had. Anyway, tickets are all on sale August 23rd, so if you want to be a part of Gigantour 2007, I suggest you get on that!

    As for Gigantour 2008, Dave Mustaine has been consistently hinting that it is in the works, but is at the very early stages of planning. The bands for the lineup are still being contacted and solidified, and dates/venues being plotted out. So keep your eyes glued to the Killing Road section for new developments.

    A new album? Didn't United Abominations just come out like 3 months ago? I think Megadeth will probably let this one marinate for a while before working on new material, but you can see cuts from it performed live on the Tour of Duty this fall in the US and Japan, and at Gigantour 2007 in Australia. However, Dave Mustaine has already indicated that he is anxious to get started writing new songs and has some concepts already floating around in his brain. Sounds good to me! Until next time, keep those questions rolling in and I'll see you on the Tour of Duty.

  • Dear ScorpioN,

    Where in Buenos Aires was 'That One Night' Filmed?

    Joe M

    Dearest Joe,

    "That One Night (Live in Buenos Aires)" was filmed in Obras Stadium (Estadio Obras) on October 9th, 2005. The 17 song setlist was performed for over 25,000 fans! The venue often features concerts from national acts, including KISS and the Ramones, Van Halen, Iron Maiden and Faith No More, as well as wrestling matches from 100% Lucha. The DVD was released on March 6th earlier this year. The DVD is now certified Gold.

    Speaking of That One Night, it was recently announced that the double live CD that goes along with the DVD will be released on September 4th, 2007 by Image Entertainment. I get the question all the time about when they will release a CD version of the DVD. Well, you asked for it, you got it! Only one more month away! This CD set includes additional songs not recorded on the DVD such as "Skin 'O My Teeth", "Die Dead Enough" and "Angry Again". Dave considered this one of the "greatest nights of his life" and it really comes through on the DVD. I can't wait to hear the CD with the added tracks, so you can bet your ole pal the Scorp will be first in line at his local music store to get a copy.
    Until next time, keep those questions coming and see you on the road!