Megadeth Plays 'A Tout Le Monde' First Time In NZ

Megadeth Cyber Army club member, Priscilla Borges has submitted the following review of Megadeth's performance, and her experience meeting the band at Westfest in Auckland last night (Wednesday, Feb 19 NZDT).

"In 2010, a few of us lucky Kiwi fans from the Cyber Army got to meet Megadeth in New Zealand. Dave wasn't well after a long flight to Auckland and we were not able to meet him at that time. Unknown to us Dave was in pain, a few months later he would undergo neck surgery. Megadeth is now finally back to New Zealand after a long 3 years and the boys were willing to meet us again to make up for our time in 2010! We got to chat a bit before the concert and get our much cherished photo with the band.

It was a festival night and the earlier bands were alternating each half of the stage. The crowd was pleasantly surprised when the curtains were pulled apart and Megadeth had the whole stage. The band stormed on the stage to the sound of Hangar 18 and the Kiwi crowd went crazy. Megadeth didn't hold back either and played hit after hit, a mosh pit started to the sound of Kingmaker.

Half way through Megadeth's setlist Dave stops and says to the New Zealand crowd: "Before we went on stage tonight one of our friends, somebody from our fan club, she said "you've never played A Tout Le Monde here in New Zealand" so we are gonna play it right now". A Tout Le Monde has been my favourite Megadeth song for a long time so when I got the privilege to meet the band today I couldn't resist mentioning they have been playing New Zealand for 23 years and have never played it. Dave looked surprised and said "hey guys, our friend here tells me that we have never played A Tout Le Monde in NZ!". Dave shows me the setlist and my favourite song is not there, I say "it's ok, I love all Megadeth songs and I will keep coming to your concerts and will hear it live one day!". I was absolutely stoked they added it to the setlist and it meant the world to me.

Vic comes on stage and the crowd takes off again, everyone knows the lyrics to Peace Sells! Dave then stops and says how much he loves to be in New Zealand again and says jokingly how he will be moving here if Hillary Clinton wins the U.S. presidential election! We would be very happy to have Dave as a neighbour!"

1. Hangar 18
2. Wake Up Dead
3. In My Darkest Hour
4. Sweating Bullets
5. Kingmaker
6. A Tout Le Monde
7. She-Wolf
8. Trust
9. Symphony Of Destruction
10. Peace Sells
11. Holy Wars