Dave Mustaine To Appear On Premiere Episode Of FUSE's 'Metalhead To Head'

As one metal icon said to another during a taping of Fuse's latest digital series: "These are questions I've always wanted to ask you backstage... but it would have been weird."

Get ready for "Metalhead To Head", a web-only show where metal masters sit down together for surprisingly candid conversation and plenty of one-time-only music demonstrations and collaborations. For a taste of the show, check out the trailer below, which includes the likes of Dave Mustaine, Frank Bello, Mike Portnoy and more.

The first episode of "Metalhead To Head", which features Dave Mustaine and Ricky Warwick, will premiere Wednesday, February 26 at 1 p.m. ET on New episodes will debut every other Wednesday. Always at 1 p.m. ET. And always on

Artist pairings for future "Metalhead To Head" episodes include:

  • Mike Portnoy & Arejay Hale
  • Dave Ellefson & Doug Pinnick
  • Gus G & Mark Heylmun
  • Rudy Sarzo & Frank Bello
  • Charlie Benante & Ray Luzier
  • Billy Sheehan & Marco Mendoza
  • Eric Choi & Alex Lopez
  • Michael Sweet & Alex Skolnick
  • Marty Friedman & Ben Weinman