Congrats To Monday's Fan Club Winners!

Congratulations goes out to the 20 winners AND Grand Prize winner, who receives a phone call from Dave Mustaine, from today's five-hour giveaway giving the opportunity to all those who signed up to the club a chance at instant prizes!

For those who may have missed out on this giveaway, we will do another one Wednesday, March 26 at between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. pacific time. For details on today's giveaways and for Wednesday's giveaways, go to

Monday, March 24 Grand Prize Winner: Dawn L.
Winners: Carrie L., Jozef S., Martina T., Jesus A., Joshua C., Parijat K., Monica H., Leonardo B., Wendy C., Mark H., Jean E., Julie P., Alfredo V., Melinda L., Jeff B., Weston G., Gina M., Andrei V., Christina S., Jamie S.

Sunday, March 23 Winners: Michael O. Chris C., David K., Dan C., James R., Miguel F., Larry H., Patrick A., Loren C., Eric L., Scott F., Gareth B., Brad S., Austin P., Shannon E., Julie B., Elaina M., Matt N., Michelle S., Kelly W.

Saturday, March 22 Winners: Val S., Erik O., Stevie D., Laura G., Coley K., Jared M., James C., Brian H., Armando Q., Mark P.