Cleartone Strings has unveiled their new Dave Mustaine signature Monster guitar strings. Mustaine partnered with the company after he tried a set of Cleartone strings and loved them. He said they felt more solid and durable and that they were noticeably louder than his normal strings.

Cleartone strings have a special coating, which they call VolumeBOOST. They say this VolumeBOOST technology makes the strings up to 36 percent louder than other strings. Cleartone strings also employ what they call ToneLOCK technology. This technology is meant to make Mustaine's signature strings last three to five times longer than standard strings. And unlike other companies’ coated strings, Cleartone coats all six strings, as opposed to other companies that only coat the wound ones.

Cleartone says that since the coating is extra-thin (less than one micron thick), it doesn’t affect the feel or playability of the strings the way coatings on other strings might. "I didn’t even know they were treated until I realized how long they were on the guitar", said Mustaine. "They last much longer than the other strings I've used".

Cleartone said that Mustaine put their strings on the guitars he used to record Megadeth's most recent album, "Super Collider". He is also using his signature strings on all of the guitars he plays on the road with the Gigantour Festival. "I really feel that Cleartone strings are amazing. They are the best-sounding strings out there, which is why I use them exclusively on all of my guitars", explained the Megadeth leader.

For more information on Dave Mustaine's new signature strings, visit the Cleartone website.