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    New Jersey

    Michelle Ireland

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    Saint Louis, Missouri
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    Certified Public Accountant

    Rich Sessler

    Male of the Week

    We asked Rich...

    How long have you been a Megadeth fan?

    Since I was a kid, so about 20 years give or take.

    What was the first Megadeth song you ever heard?

    "Sweating Bullets" on MTV back in the day.

    Was there a certain song that made you a Megadeth fan?

    I would say the entire "Countdown to Extinction" album I purchased on cassette tape as a kid.

    What are your three favorite Megadeth songs?

    "Holy Wars...The Punishment Due", "My Last Words", "Hook in Mouth."

    What is your favorite Megadeth album?

    "Countdown to Extinction." My first Megadeth album I ever owned.

    How many times have you seen Megadeth live?

    Numerous times over the years. Most recently in Chicago on 10/5/16.

    What is your favorite Megadeth lyric?

    "When you walk away from that which makes you strong, You only fool yourself; you only weaken your cause, There's creeping hate if you resist the false narrative,
    Crushing all the dissenters who still think for them selves..."

    Who do you think Vic Rattlehead was when he was alive?

    Lucky Luciano

    What's your favorite Megadeth album cover?

    "Rust in Peace"

    What is your favorite piece of Megadeth merch?

    Probably Dave Mustaine's handwritten lyrics to "Holy Wars...The Punishment Due" I purchased on Pledge Music.

      Rich explains...

      How long you have been coming to the Megadeth forums?

      A few years now. Excited about the new fanclub site!

      Have you met the band? If so, what did you say?

      Yes I have met the band. Most recently in Chicago on 10/5/16. I just told them they were my favorite band of all time and shook their hands.

      What's the furthest you've travelled to see Megadeth?

      About 350 miles to Chicago. I met the band and did the Side Stage package upgrade. Greatest day of my life and would do it again in a heartbeat.

      If you had a chance to chat with any one of the band members, who would you talk to and what would you want to discuss?

      Dave Mustaine. Just drink a few "A Tout Le Monde" beers and talk about great bands like Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath.

      Do you have a favorite Megadeth guitar solo?

      "Probably Holy Wars...The Punishment Due." Some of the guitar solos from the "Dystopia" album are right up there as well.

      To you, are Megadeth songs more feeling or more thinking?

      The lyrics provoke thought. For me the guitars provoke feelings.

      Have you introduced anyone else to Megadeth?

      My girlfriend

      Which Megadeth song means the most to you and why?

      Probably "Countdown to Extinction." It is the title track of my favorite album and deals with animal rights.

      What do you like best about being in the Cyber Army?

      How the band truly appreciates their fans. All the fans are usually cool to hang out with at the shows as well.

      When did you join the club and what is your Cyber Army member number?

      A few years back. Member number 15624.

      What do you admire most in Dave Mustaine?

      He is my favorite musician/songwriter of all time. I admire his perserverence.

      What does being a true Megafan mean to you?

      Listening to Megadeth on a daily basis, collecting Megadeth stuff, wearing Megadeth apparel.

      Have you got any interesting Megadeth stories for us?

      I purchased the "Hellproof" shirt Dave Mustaine wore when he got onstage with Metallica for the anniversary a few years back. I also have the Countdown to Extinction wall panel that hung in Vic's Garage. Both purchased from BackStage Auctions. The Side Stage package I bought for the Chicago show on 10/5/16 was the coolest thing I ever experienced.


        Rich spends his free time:

        Listening to Megadeth

        Where he would like to be right now:

        At a Megadeth concert.

        The one thing he would change about the world:

        Eliminate animal cruelty.

        Favorite place to vacation:

        The ocean.

        Three favorite websites:,,

        What makes him laugh:

        Chris Farley

        First concert ever seen:

        Megadeth on the Youthanasia tour.

        Song stuck in his head right now:

        "Lying in State"

        Pet peeves/irritations:

        Bad drivers.

        Biggest fear:



        My strength is in numbers, weakness would be my lack of mechanical inclination.

        Favorite holiday:


        Favorite cartoon character:

        Beavis & Butthead

        Favorite movie:

        The Godfather. (Parts 1 & 2)

        Last TV show watched:

        Boardwalk Empire

        Favorite color:


        Favorite automobile:


        Favorite food/meal:

        Mexican food

        Favorite beverage:

        A Tout Le Monde (Now available in Saint Louis, Missouri)

        Favorite saying/line:

        "The dogs that bark the loudest, are the dogs that have no teeth"

        His best advice to give:

        Always believe in yourself.


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