Killing Road


Guadalajara, Mexico

H&H Metal Fest, Calle 2

<p>Heaven Stage: Megadeth, Fear Factory, Over Kill, Moonspell, Kataklysm, Destruction, Mayan, Lizzy Borden, Malingo</p>

<p>Hell Stage: All Shall Perish, Brujeria, Tristania, Skorcho, Hardware, Wehrmacht, Here Comes The Kraken, Thell Barrio, Black Oil, Wrecker, Finalista 1, Finalista 2</p>

<p>Hard Stage: Dark Funeral, Transmetal, Vital Remains, Panzerfaust, Pro-Fe-Cia, Morphium, Mystica Girls, Godless Procession, Tragico Ballet, Dirty Woman, El Cuervo De Poe, Legion Of Hetheria</p>

<p>Monster Stage: Split Heaven, Intoxxxicated, Voltax, Next, Cemican, Pentagram, Avatar, IRA, Fahrenheit, Anarchus, Lecumberry, Broken Bit, Belica Escarlata, Ultratumba, Isakoatl, Nostra Morte</p>

<p>Mosh Stage: Thantra, Psicovomitosis, With No Mercy, Rejexion, Ignis Atrum, Dramatvm, Velhem, Finalista 3, Pifas, Divine Sword, Moloch, Real, Seas Against The Sky, Rain Shatther, Siempre Fuertes, Mortoss, Astoria</p>


In My Darkest Hour<br>
Hangar 18<br>
Angry Again<br>
A Tout Le Monde<br>
Sweating Bullets<br>
Holy Wars...The Punishment Due

Lopez Mateos Sur 4527, Loma Bonita, Zapopan, JAL, Mexico