Killing Road


New York City, NY

The Ritz


At the beginning of Devil's Island Dave says: "Ya know tomorrow morning at about 6:00am we have to leave for the f***in airport to go to London to go play Castle Donington".

Before 502 Dave talks about getting busted right after he turned 21 for drunk driving.

At the end of Peace Sells Dave says: "Thank you New York ..goodnight".

After Anarchy In The UK Dave comes back on stage and says: "This is our last show on the SFSGSW American Tour... and we got to choose where we wanted to end it and we ended it here with you guys here in New Your City".


Wake Up Dead<br>
The Conjuring<br>
Hook In Mouth<br>
Set The World Afire<br>
Mary Jane<br>
In My Darkest Hour<br>
Devil's Island<br>
These Boots<br>
<i>drum solo</i><br>
Peace Sells<br>
Anarchy In The U.K.