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"Megadeth sound reborn on Dystopia." – Rolling Stone

"...vital and menacing thrash." – Rolling Stone

"The riffs are heavy enough to crater a parking lot but with just the right amount of math and post-Zeppelin exotica to them." – LA Weekly

"...the Megadeth of old is back." – Decibel

"Riffing is their business . . . and business is good: The latest iteration of thrash-metal titans Megadeth brings the heat on a blistering 15th album, Dystopia." – Boston Globe

"Dystopia marks another classic entry in an already impressive discography." – Outburn

"Dystopia is the sound of a band that's re-energized. Fifteen albums into their legendary career, the resilient Megadeth continue to impress." – Loudwire

"Dystopia is an exciting follow up to Super Collider mostly because it’s showing that, even after 30 years and 15 albums, Megadeth continues to evolve." 4/5 – Bloody Disgusting

"..."business is good" and Megadeth are still as relevant as they were some 30 years ago." 8.5/10 – PureGrainAudio

"Dystopia is not only a great Megadeth album, it sounds like the band is back even sharper, meaner and heavier than they’ve been in a very long time." 5/5 – New Noise Magazine


"With a razor-sharp production that harks back to the precision of Rust In Peace, Mustaine may have shied away from reuniting that album's line-up, but he's succeeded in recapturing its classic sound." – Rolling Stone Australia

"The influence of the new members shouldn't be underestimated - Adler brings the perspective of a lifelong fan to proceedings, while Loureiro's guitar work is astonishing - but ultimately this is Mustaine's vision. And it, like his vocal sneer, is firing on all cylinders." – Rolling Stone Australia

"A record packing thrashy riffs, cinematic peaks, and more than a few nods to that wonderful, old-school Megadeth tone." – Australian Guitar Magazine

"Dystopia is a classic example of something amazing arising from the toughest of circumstances." – Australian Guitar Magazine


"With the arrival of the Brazilian Guitarist Kiko Loureiro and drummer Chris Adler from Lamb of God, Megadeth have made a comeback – Dystopia is probably their best album of the past 2 decades." – Rock Tribune magazine

"Fans will be delighted by this vintage Megadeth record." – Rock Tribune magazine

"The alchemy between Mustaine and Loureiro is obvious." – Rock Tribune magazine


"Dystopia is the return of a renewed band, with new blood, determined not to cede the throne of metal that has earned years ago." – Colombian Fan Club


"After the average albums Th1rt3en (2011) and Super Collider (2013), I have to say that with Dystopia, the band is really back. The songs are much better written and it all sounds better arranged – the pleasure is back!" 9/10 – Powerofmetal

"Almost everything is better than on both predecessors. The music sounds very fresh, they sound again like some young guys who have to prove that they are the next big thing and they are gonna blow all the other new thrash bands away." 9/10 – Powerofmetal

"Dystopia is a phenomenal record, and it feels like Megadeth has returned to past greatness and strength." – Metalized magazine


"Dystopia... is the most muscular Megadeth in years." 4/5 – Inferno magazine

"Dystopia is 120% Megadeth when it comes to the sounds and the cover art’s cold metal ambience." 4/5 – Inferno magazine


"Dystopia, the 15th studio album of veteran metal rockers Megadeth, will blow you away! Get ready for some massive riffs and for a Dave Mustaine at the top of his game..." – Metal Obs


"This is what good Thrash albums are made of, and with Megadeth it's the best album since Countdown To Extinction" 8.5/10 + Album of the month – Rock Hard

"Mission accomplished!" 5/5 – Metal Hammer Germany

"This album includes everything Megadeth stands for." – Break Out


"After an atypical release as Super Collider, Megadeth are back! Dystopia is mountain of riffs and solos as a Megadeth album should be, with a guitar duo with no rivals: Dave Mustaine and Kiko Loureiro." – Metallus


"...hardly Dystopia as the album is called, but almost utopia to all metalheads." – BURRN! magazine


"Dystopia is an instant classic.” – Teraz Rock


"The music is pure Megadeth, relentless riffs and well-built songs, following the line we all want and expect from a band like them, heavy Mustaine metal." – Metal Hammer Spain


"Only in January, Megadeth's Dystopia qualifies as one of the best releases in 2016." – TRACKS magazine

"Dystopia could have been the direct successor of Countdown To Extinction." – TRACKS magazine

"On Dystopia you hear the best Megadeth line-up since 1998." – TRACKS magazine


"Megadeth’s fifteenth studio record begins with exotic crooning, before giving way to a buzzing riff which has Dave Mustaine’s distinctive fingerprints all over it." – Metal Hammer