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Chris Adler

Vital Stats

DOB: November 23, 1972
Birthplace: Richmond, Virginia
Height: 6'0"
Eyes: Light Brown
Hair: Light Brown
Status: Married
Siblings: Willie Adler
First Band: Calibra
Other Bands: Cry Havoc, Jettison Charlie, EvilDeathInc, Burn The Priest, Grouser, Lamb Of God


Band/Album:Wrathchild America, 3D
Movie: Alien (1979)
Meal/Food: Sushi or Indian
Book: Planet Joe
TV shows: The League
Hobbies: Drums
Album cover from a band: Peace Sells...But Who's Buying
Item of technology: iPhone
Vacation spot: Anywhere as long as I am with my family
Song from Dystopia: The Threat Is Real


Most memorable concert: First time I saw Wrathchild America
Musical Influences: Shannon Larkin and Stewart Copeland
Advice to other bands/musicians: There are no cheat codes. I think that everybody that gets anywhere in this industry has to pay their dues. One hit wonders are that for a reason, and although you might get lucky enough to have a moment in the sun, the real challenge in doing what we do-especially in metal-is the longevity of trying to make a career of it and keep yourself happy. It definitely takes a lot of lumps and a lot of perseverance.
Most memorable tour story/experience: All The Big 4 shows were a great experience for me, though there are countless other great memories as well.


  • Mapex Saturn V in Satin Black Maple Burl
  • 10"x9" Tom
  • 12"×10" Tom
  • 16"×16" Floor Tom
  • 18"×16" Floor Tom
  • 22"×18" Bass Drum (×2)
  • 12"×5.5" Mapex Warbird (Chris Adler Signature)
  • Meinl
  • 14" Generation X Filter China
  • 16" Generation X Filter China
  • 17" Byzance China (Prototype)
  • 14" Soundcaster Custom Medium Soundwave Hihat - 14" Byzance Dark Hihat
  • 8" Byzance Splash (x2)
  • 12" Soundcaster Custom Distortion Splash
  • 14" Soundcaster Custom Medium Crash
  • 16" Mb8 Medium Crash
  • 18" Byzance Medium Thin Crash
  • 24" Mb20 Pure Metal Ride (Signature model)
  • 8" Classics High Bell
  • Evans
  • Toms: EC2S Clear - G1 Clear
  • Bass: EMAD Heavyweight - Custom Resonant
  • Snare: Heavyweight snare batter - 300 snare side
  • Pro Mark TX5AXW Chris Adler Signature Sticks
  • Roland TD-7 Electronic Percussion Module and Single Trigger Pad